My Super Power

I have a super power. I suspected I had it for awhile, but I proved it to myself and my dh on Wednesday.

See, I knew the actress playing Juliet on Lost was familiar, but I couldn’t place her. So I asked my dh to imdb her name. He did, and said, Elizabeth Mitchell.

Before he could tell me what she’d been in, I told him. Frequency, as the mom, and ER, as Carrie Weaver’s lover.

He stared at me.

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I have a friend on one of my loops that is astounded when I make these connections, like when I told her Walt from 24, now on Vanished, was Paul the Wine Guy from the first season (episode?) of Friends. And before that, he was Jamie on Another World.

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The new lawyer on Boston Legal (which I just happened to catch this week)? Keen Eddie.

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Eugene Foote on The Nine was on one of those Star Trek shows. Listen to his voice. The bank manager was the principal on Boston Public.

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The girl from Grey’s Anatomy who fell out of the tree last season is in two commercials running right now.

The one that’s stumping me is the commercial for the tiny phone, where the mom and daughter are yelling at each other, but saying positive things. I know that mom from somewhere. I can’t place her.

Sometimes I know the actors right away by looks, other times by name, but usually by voice. Oddly, I have trouble with animated movies, identifying voices, but if I see a familiar face and hear a familiar voice, I can tell you where I’ve seen that actor before. So I guess I need two out of three identifiers.

So is it really a talent, or just overexposure to media?

And if I can remember stuff like that, why can’t I remember to take my lunch to school?

And because it’s Friday, and Grey’s was gooooood last night.

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Stephanie said...

Just make sure you use your powers for good, not evil : )

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I hate to say it, but I suspect it's talent based on WAYYYYYYY too much TV. :)

Stacy Dawn said...

I LOVE playing that game.

The first was also the principle/future Mrs. Claus in the Santa Claus 2

Anonymous said...

Mary, I think you do have a talent (I personally don't remember faces that much, not talking about voices), but I also agree with Natalie. And waving to a fellow fan of Grey's!

Shesawriter said...


For the life of me I couldn't remember where I'd seen that woman. It bothered me so bad that I turned my computer on to look her up on the net.

Frequency. It took me fifteen minutes because they didn't roll the credits.


Anonymous said...

lol Mary!
Great super power. :-)

MJFredrick said...


Sigh, so not a super power, huh? Not even the super power of observation?? ;)

Stacy, the dh told be about The Santa Clause after he stopped being shocked ;)

Dang it, it's raining and I have errands to run!

Dee Tenorio said...

LOL, I have a similar superpower, so I think your is definitely one. I can flip through the channels and ID a show or movie within 2 seconds. (Granted, this is not 100% tested, but it's pretty consistent!)

TOTALLY a super power, lol!

I did recognize her as Mrs. Clause, but I never realized that was her in Frequency. The hair and the cheeks musta thrown me off. :)


Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Ah, Stacy, thank you! I was pretty sure it wasn't Frequency I was remembering her from, but was too lazy to look it up. :)

Mary, I didn't say it wasn't a superpower at ALL. After all, even superpowers have to be honed.

Dee, I do the same thing. It impresses my husband, especially if it's a movie I never saw. :)

Kelly Boyce said...

And don't forget before Vanished and 24, John was also on Baywatch. All buff and running around in shorts. Mmmm....

MJFredrick said...

Okay, the flipping through the channels thing is pretty cool. I must hone this, as the dh is forever flipping!

Ya know, I never watched Baywatch. Not even once.


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