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We had a really great SARA meeting last night, though only 14 people showed up. We had a kind of round-table discussion of what we want from SARA this coming year (our new year begins in July) and I'm very excited.

On the way, I started listening to the Crusie/Mayer workshop from last conference, YEX AND VIOLENCE. Enough technical talk to make my hair curl, but the thing that stuck with me is that DON’T LOOK DOWN had 104 scenes.

104. Scenes.

I usually have 60, about 3 per chapter.

In Ghost Hunters, I have only 1 or 2 per chapter. I know this because I revise by scene.

So I’m wondering, these 104 scenes – do they count change in location as a scene, even if there’s no scene break? Do they count POV switches as a scene?

And they have an arc, a GMC for each scene.

My now-curled hair is being pulled out by the roots as I consider doing this. I could do maybe the first 10-12 this way, but GAH! After that???


First of all, how many scenes do you write? How do you count them? Do you craft them ahead of time or build that arc in them as you revise?

Today's my dh's 42nd bday.

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AND I'm blogging at Wet Noodle Posse on heroes' ages.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your DH.
Scenes. Hmmm. Are we supposed to count our scenes? ACKKKKKK!

Kelly Boyce said...

For a 400 pg manuscript I usually average around 75-80 scenes. But if Crusie is doing short scenes that's probably how she's hitting the 104 mark. I'll have to go check my JC books when I get home now.

dawn said...

happy birthday to da man.
i am proud that he is ordering two more
of what he just had.

MJFredrick said...

LOL, Mary Beth! When I revise I go scene by scene, and do a scene a day, so that's how I know.

Kelly, I WISH some of my scenes were short. Some are too lonnnng ;)

Dawn, he's ordering two more EMMYS! Isn't he bad??


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