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I was laughing last night--my cell rang at 8:06. I looked at the number and it was an exchange from my school's neighborhood. I growled and didn't answer because I told them not to call after 8 (dude, ESPECIALLY on Thursdays!) Well, when I listened to my voice mail, it was one of my students. He and his sister had PLANNED to watch Supernatural (just so you know, they just know I love the show. I did NOT tell them to watch) but couldn't because someone came over. I thought it was funny he was compelled to call and tell me this.

I've been watching a LOT of Battlestar Galactica. Yes, for Helo and Sharon, but also it relaxes me. And as I watch (the second season again), I'm seeing arcs and wondering how much Ron Moore knew when he wrote the first season.

First, there's Helo's arc. You may or may not know, he was meant to be in the mini-series and that was all. He gave up his seat on the raptor to Gaius Baltar, who had his own evil/confused/redeemed arc to complete. Helo was left behind on the planet. Only fans wanted to know what happened to him, so when the show started, Ron Moore gave him a story where he was rescued by Cylon Sharon and fell in love with her, and she became pregnant with a Cylon/human baby, the first ever. This child was iconic for the Cylons, terrifying for the human's, though her blood did save the president's life. She was kidnapped, and ended up the series being "Mitachondrial Eve." Pretty big story, considering Ron Moore was going to leave Helo on the planet to die. Now, maybe the baby was going to have a different father--Chief, maybe, who was in love with another copy of Sharon. If that was the case, though, Chief wouldn't have ended up being a Cylon.

That's the other arc that fascinates me. In season 4, we discover who the 5 other copies of the Cylons are. I watched a special where Ron Moore said the writers sat around a table and debated, but I don't remember how long he knew which were the final five Cylons.

I think he had to know about Ellen Tigh. She disappeared after the Cylon attack and reappeared on another ship months later. Some of the things she said seemed to say, "HERE I AM, A CYLON, RIGHT HERE." But apparently she was the last person that the writers thought of.

I believe he knew about her husband, Saul Tigh, though to me the timeline seems off about him. But so many of Saul's actions seem to point in that direction. (I'm becoming partial to the name Saul now. Would you read a book with a hero named Saul?)

And maybe Chief. Chief, who fell in love with Cylon Sharon/Boomer and declared he was not a Cylon over and over, and guess what?

Kripke, who created Supernatural, said he had this five year storyline but never thought the show would last five years. So this season wraps up the arc he began in season one. The actors are slated for another year in their contract, so Kripke may begin another arc, especially as the show's popularity grows, but how can you top raising Lucifer?




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