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I have a sad. I don’t think I like Supernatural anymore. It’s too dark, too sad, too hard to watch. I loved Season 4 like mad, but this season…there’s not one episode I’ve watched a second time.

Grey’s Anatomy’s first hour was awesome. I started crying less than a minute in. Was still crying when it ended. The second hour was on par with last season, above average, but not as engaging.

Dollhouse was better than last year. I liked Echo and Ballard working together. I liked Amy Acker’s larger role. Still not awesome, though.

Glee is getting really good. I loved Kurt’s story this week. Loved his dad. Why did I think he was wealthy, though?

Castle is terrific. So is FlashForward. I’m absolutely hooked.

Big Bang Theory was just okay. I thought the three did a terrible thing to Sheldon, and their unwillingness to apologize bothered me.

Heroes was….hm. I love the actor who plays the artist. LOVE him. But…what the hell kind of power is that? Goofy, if you ask me. And he has to use the same woman as his canvas? How do you discover that power? I dunno.

The Good Wife was good, but it’s going to turn out to be case-of-the-week, I’m sure.

Eastwick was okay. Forgettable. I liked the setting, but, well, I've seen the movie.

Cougar Town was funny. Loved it, especially because Courtney Cox is older than me.

I’ve not seen Vampire Diaries, The Mentalist or Fringe yet. DH liked the season opener of Fringe, but I still haven’t connected with the cast of either show.

Yes, I watch a lot of TV. What have you seen? How did you like it?

Hopefully I can work on the bodyguard book today. I need to catch up on edits. I'm trying for 20 pages a day, but it's hard. And I checked out the new Gabaldon from the library, 810 pages. I couldn't even finish Club Dead, and it was only 250 pages!



Mary Curry said...

Idon't watch as much TV as you do, but I've seen some of them. Castle was my favorite of the week, followed by Glee. I'm not sure exactly why Glee has the wild buzz it does but I do enjoy it. I switched off Cougar Town halfway through because it felt like the stupidest thing I'd seen. I did enjoy Eastwick - sorta - at least enough to give it another try, but then I never saw the movie. I'll keep watching The Good Wife for now. I liked it but not as much as say Castle.

I haven't watched Dollhouse so I asked my daughter what she thought. She said she hasn't been able to to really get into it because she sees too many of the characters as the character they played on other favorite shows.

MJFredrick said...

I'm with you about Glee getting buzz, but it's fun. I wish it was less, um, sexual, because my students watch it.

Your daughter is exactly right about Dollhouse! I wonder if that's my trouble with it. I still don't like Echo, but I liked her working with the agent.

Mary Curry said...

no kidding about Glee. We had Meet the Parents night last week and one of the teachers said he kept waiting for the Acafellas to hit the stage. I think they would have had to clean up the lyrics or choose a different song. Of course I don't teach HS.

Alyssa Kirk said...

About the ones I've seen - I'm liking but not loving Supernatural. Love Castiel, not crazy about how they are handling Dean and Sam's relationship.

Loved Castle.

Warming up to Glee.

Enjoying Fringe.

House wasn't what I expected but I'm waiting on next week.

Haven't seen Flashforward yet (its recorded) but based on what you've said, I'm excited to watch it.

I thought the best part of couger town was her son, she's not impressing me that much.

With you on Eastwick - forgettable

Biggest surprise was Modern Family. Made me laugh so hard in parts that I practically choked.

Vamp diaries, I'm on the fence.

I've got to catch up on all of my recordings to see more of the new season.

Fun post! Thanks!

MJFredrick said...

I eliminated Vampire Diaries and Eastwich from my season passes. I didn't see Cougartown this week, either, and I'm behind on Fringe. Maybe this weekend.

I saw a note in EW from a parent also wishing Glee was more family friendly.


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