Why I Write at 4 AM

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Writing early is the best time for me. Even though I'm a little groggy, I have WAY fewer distractions.

No email is coming in that I HAVE to check. Doesn't stop me from mousing over the icon every few words, but if nothing's there, I don't leave the document.

No Twitter updates ;) Or very few. I know Marianne's up, because there are the tweets from LASR ;)

The dh is sleeping, not blasting guitar.

The dh is sleeping, not telling me to watch something on YouTube.

The dh is sleeping, not flipping channels.

The boy is sleeping, not bringing home company.

I can't do anything that makes noise, like sort laundry or sew.

I can't turn on a lot of lights so I can't clean.

So really? Idea time.



Marianne Arkins said...

Me? Up early? :-)

I love the mornings....

Hope you got a lot accomplished!

Mary Curry said...

I applaud you, MJ. That would never be me unless I was still up at 4. I'm a night owl of the first order. If I got up at 4, I'd be asleep on my feet by the time I had to welcome the children to class.

MJFredrick said...

LOL, Marianne! Me, too!

Mary, I'm ready for my nap about the time the kids head to PE. Haven't indulged yet this year, though I've taken a couple when I get home.

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