Goals the Week of the DH's Vacation

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1) 7000 words on RS. I had that epiphany, but will it give me the page count I need?
2) Guest blog on Writers at Play, Wet Noodle Posse and Romance Bandits.
3) Sew purse—hopefully I have the write kind of interfacing now
4) Grades done for progress report
5) Big grocery trip (hopefully not as big as last time, though)
6) Get into house cleaning/writing routine.

I don’t have to cook this week since the dh is home. Yay! But the deal is, she who doesn’t cook has to clean and the dh is notoriously messy. BUT we should be eating earlier, so I should have more time to write.

I got my first review on Surface from Book Binge. They didn’t love it but didn’t hate it. So…good?




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