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I find all these excellent pictures of Helo, then am blogging everywhere else and don't have time to use them!

I had to rewrite the last 2000 words because I forgot my hero had been shot. Yeah, he won't be treading water, will he? But I've met my goal for the day.

I watched "Hush" this weekend on Lifetime. Twice. Because Tahmoh was in it. I watched four episodes of BSG when I came home, even though I have the second disc of Samantha Who? here. Tahmoh was in two.

I have traffic duty this week and am in fear for my life. Or at least my toes. Respect the stop sign, people!

Technology was being a hater at school yesterday. It's supposed to make life easier, not make you want to drop-kick your computer.

The dh came home and roasted a chicken yesterday, which meant we ate at almost 8. And the house still smells like roast chicken.

Beneath the Surface is #30 on Fictionwise's Samhain page. Hot Shot never made it above #50, so yay!

I'm blogging today at Natalie's blog, Supernatural Sisters and I Read Romance. Come say hi!



Mary Curry said...

Excellent news on Surface, MJ. Fingers crossed it keeps going up.

MJFredrick said...

Ah, dropped to #34, BUT got a "Great" rating ;)

Anonymous said...

I just saw Windows Into Heaven at #70 on the Wild Rose page...not too bad after a month on sale, for a novella...

YAY on Surface, Mar!

MJFredrick said...

WOOT, Julia!!


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