Pet Peeves

Last week, I was in a generous mood. Today, snarky. So I made a list of my top ten pet peeves (I had to limit myself, ya know.)

10) People using apostrophe s, making a word possessive instead of plural; same with your and you’re;
9) Air dryers in public restrooms instead of towels;
8) People who see something on the floor and don’t pick it up;
7) Getting home from the grocery store and realizing you forgot something really important, like milk or cat litter;
6) Getting ready for bed and realizing you have no clean pajamas (my fault, I know, but geez!) Along the same lines, getting into bed and realizing the closet light is still on;
5) Inappropriate movie previews;
4) Weather crawls during my favorite shows (and as you know, I have a lot!);
3) T-shirts that are so thin and clingy you can’t wear them in public;
2) People in traffic who clearly see the row of cars slowing down, zip around, and then pull in the front of the line; and
1) Waiting for repairmen all day – and they DON’T SHOW UP!

And as promised:
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Anonymous said...

Some things on that list would annoy me too }:)


Trish Milburn said...

Oh, the zipping driver just really burns me up. The ones who really blow my top are the ones who get in a jam and then, because they're more important than the rest of us, decide they'll just drive up the emergency lane! Grrr.

Nice Sawyer pic. I need to change my blog, but I had to see purty Mr. Settle moved down the page.

Kelly (Lynn) Parra said...

Who sometimes mixes up "your" and "you're"? {{Kelly raising hand}}

Totally by accident! =D Kel

MJFredrick said...


Glad you like the picture. Sorry it's so small. Fred finally saw the blog yesterday when he was helping me make the graph thingy and rolled his eyes at the pictures.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree about the drivers and the repairmen!! I think there was a cartoon about that once, with the homeowners telling the repair guy they might be home sometime between noon and four to unlock the door. :)

Anonymous said...

Mar, your irritant list was right on. My main get-under-my-skin irritant is STILL the automated phone calls we one actually is there, it is a machine! This usually happens when I am up to my elbows in meatloaf mix or soapy water...grrrrr.


(PS---I love adding pics to my blog! It's one of the joys! Keep postin' 'em, Mar.)

MJFredrick said...

Yeah, the repairman thing happened to me yesterday. They never even called, though I called and left a message.

I only mind the automated phone calls when it's Thursday ;)

Jill Monroe said...

Mary, I once said I couldn't be married to someone who didn't know why this "alot" wasn't a word. Luckily the dh passed!

MJFredrick said...

LOL, Jill. My first boyfriend always spelled my name Merry, like Christmas. Not the brightest bulb. Time to move on....


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