Simple Pleasures

I’ve been on summer vacation for two weeks now. Aside from the obvious, not having to get up at a certain time, get dressed, face traffic to and from, face 23 kiddos who’d rather be anywhere else, I decided to make a list of my simple pleasures. Most are summer related, some are all year round.

1) Knowing that no matter what time I get up, I can go back to sleep at any point. (Most days)
2) Having a new flower on one of my hibiscus plants. (I just bought three more yesterday.)
3) Getting my page count done before midnight.
4) Getting to stay up late to reach my page count if I couldn’t get to it earlier.
5) A clean house.
6) Good mail (even if I had to send it to myself) – includes books from and movies from Does not include contest results with frustrating comments.
7) Getting to wear my writer wear (I have my Jane Millionaire shirt on right now. Yesterday it was my “Romance Writers: Changing Frogs to Princes on a Daily Basis.” That’s one thing I’ll miss about Reno – not updating my writer wear.)
8) Spurs in The Finals!
9) Getting to see actual sunshine coming through my stained glass window.
10) Getting to go to Sonic whatever time I want. (I just like their drinks.)
11) Going out to lunch. (Okay, so I did this at school, too, but I like to eat lunch with my son, even if he is more like a Hoover.)
12) A fridge full of cold drinks, including Diet Coke with Lime and Crystal Light Raspberry Ice.
13) No schedule more pressing than movie times.
14) Reading in my Adirondack chair (It’s plastic, it’s from Home Depot, it’s still comfortable.)
15) Watching a DVD in the middle of the day.
16) Rainy days. (I’ll like these better once the roof is fixed.)
17) Watching my kitten play with my dog.
18) Watching my kitten sleep.
19) Guerrilla trips to the grocery store (vs. marathon trips)
20) Road trips.

What are your simple pleasures?


Amie Stuart said...

Sitting out back wtih my Alphie and my cd walkman.

taking the kids to the park (it has this great water fountain they can play in) and just watching all the kids run around (I know I"m insane).

Getting a haircut =)

Waking up to feel Ham curled up at my head purring his heart out =)

Anonymous said...

Having time to READ!

Trish Milburn said...

Since this is my first summer without a day job since I was, oh, 15 or so, I'm just enjoying being able to go outside and enjoy the warm weather during the daytime instead of being chained in an office. Of course, I'm spending a ton of time at my desk anyway, but at least when I look out the window I see my lawn instead of the Days Inn that used to be outside my window at work.

Trips to the "too close to my house" Dairy Queen for Blizzards I just have to walk off on the treadmill later.

MJFredrick said...

Cece, how funny - I despise getting haircuts. But I remember taking my son to the park and watching him play with the other kids. It was fun.

Jill, I know what you mean about having time to read. One of these days, I'm going to park in that chair and do nothing but read!

Trish, you're right - sometimes being home is the best of all.

Anonymous said...

Staying up late to finish a wonderful historical romance!

MJFredrick said...

Mm, yes, Michelle!

Amie Stuart said...

LOL Mary maybe it has something to do with being a hairdresser in my former life. Or going without for a long time and trading haircuts with a hairdresser friend. It's the one thing I get to do for myself and refuse to feel guilty about.

MJFredrick said...

Cece, my friend feels the same about pedicures - something just for her. I never look at it that way - I look at it as an appt, someplace I have to be at a certain time, where I have to sit still. Not good for me.


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