Goals So Far, and The Best Books I Read in 2007

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1) work on small town story, get at least to 50000 words - UP TO 50,000 WORDS - CAN'T GET MY WORD METER WORKING
2) revisions on Eden’s Promise - UP TO PAGE 112
3) get a website – I played with making one last night on iWeb, but it’s a little bright and cheery ;) -HAVE ONE I LIKE, NOW TO GET A DOMAIN AND AN EMAIL ADDRESS
4) mail requested partial to agent
5) revise and send Breaking Daylight back to Golden Palm
6) research legend for Surface revisions – started this yesterday, too
7) judge GH entries
8) read 2 books
9) driver’s ed stuff with boy
10) boy’s 3 gigs and probably twice as many practices - 2 DOWN, ONE TO GO
11) lunch with writer friends
12) lunch with teacher friends - DIDN'T WORK OUT
13) breakfast with Mom - DIDN'T WORK OUT
15) clean house - SOME
16) get to UPS, the post office, the dry cleaners and grocery
17) nap as often as possible - SOME
18) Christmas baking - brownies, fudge, sugar cookies, molasses cookies and sugar plums
19) get four more presents
20) celebrate 21st anniversary!

This was the HARDEST LIST! But I made it as I read this year…though I almost forgot Harry Potter! And I couldn’t decide which of Lee McKenzie’s books I liked better.

1) A Man for Maggie by Lee McKenzie
2) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by JK Rowling
3) Gladiator’s Honour by Michelle Styles
4) Stray by Rachel Vincent
5) Rising Moon by Lori Handeland
6) Heavens to Betsy by Beth Patillo
7) Something Wicked by Evelyn Vaughn
8) Virgin River by Robin Carr
9) To Have and to Hold by Dawn Temple
10) Forbidden Shores by Jane Lockwood

What were your favorite books this year?



Gina Black said...

Favorite books . . .

The Thirteenth Tale
To Kill a Mockingbird
Magic or Madness
Julie and Romeo

Lee McKenzie said...

Thanks, Mary ;)

I'm thrilled that you loved The Man for Maggie enough to include it on your list of favs for 2007.

And I am so impressed with your goals. You're rock!

Anonymous said...

I started keeping a reading list this year - looks like I read 60 books!! I didn't count the short stories from The Wild Rose Press and some stories I read from lit journals. I've impressed myself. Though I'm on a Cozy Mystery loop and some people on there read in the hundreds of books.

However, of those 60 books that I read: my Top Faves are:

Moon Pies and Movies Stars – Amy Wallen
Mai Tai to Murder – Candy Calvert
A Legal Affair – Maureen Smith
Death On A Family Tree – Patricia Sprinkle (family history mystery)
The Southern Sisters Mysteries by Anne George
Harl Everlasting – The Scrapbook – Lynnette Kent
15 Candles anthology –Quinceaneras – edited by Adriana Lopez
Harl Everlasting – Dancing on a Sunday Afternoon – Linda Cardill
10 Steps to Becoming a Latina – Lara Rios
Deborah Knott mysteries by Margaret Maron (am on RITUALS OF THE SEASON) – my fave- High Country Falls – romance was added, some tension and hints in the previous 8 books
Harl Everlasting – Upstairs at Miss Hattie’s – Ken Casper
Shop on Blossom Street – Debbie Macomber (re-read)
A Good Yarn – Debbie Macomber
(about a heroine who had brain cancer in her teens, then a relapse in her 20’s, now in her 30’s she opens a knitting shop and gives classes and meets women with problems and somehow knitting helps; of course, she also meets the man of her dreams)
The Woodcutter’s Gift – Lupe Ruiz-Flores (children’s book)

These are in the order I read them except for the mysteries, those were intermixed.

I also read some books that were disappointments for various reasons, the writing style, the plot points, the "perfect beauty" of the heroine, etc.

These were:
Keepsake Crimes – Laura Childs – (scrapbook mytery)[writing style]- I really wanted to like it since I love scrapbooking
Bloody Waters – Caroline Garcia-Aguilera [unbelievable plot points]
Death by Darjeeling – Laura Childs (teashop mystery) (writing style)
Sisters – Danielle Steele (disappointing,"perfect beauty")
Secret Diaries of Miranda Cheever – Julia Quinn (disappointing, didn't even finish the last chapter)
Since You’re Leaving Anyway Take Out The Trash – Dixie Cash (racial slurs)
Strangled Prose – Joan Hess (a mystery set in a bookstore, put down romance and romance writers as trashy, supposed to be satire, but I didn't like it)

So, there you have it. Sorry for the long post.


Amie Stuart said...

I had a feeling after you posted Pursit of Happyness on your did not like list that you weren't going to like I Am Legend!

I was pretty lucky and most of what I read (I already blogged about it) I liked!

MaryF said...

Gina, while I agree with TKAM, I really didn't get into Twilight.

Lee, your books are AWESOME! I can't wait for your next one!

Lupe, I started keeping a list this year - maybe I'll try it in 2008. I absolutely agree with Anne George. A Good Yarn sounds WONDERFUL. I have Candy's book but haven't read it yet - BAD Mary! I didn't know you liked scrapbooking!

Yeah, Amie, Legend wasn't particularly uplifting, either, was it? And I just adore Will Smith....sigh.

Jane Lockwood said...

How great to see Forbidden Shores on your list, Mary! Thanks.

Esri Rose said...

Dude, what ARE those animals? Possums? And what caused them to all open their mouths?

That's a truly fascinating picture.

MaryF said...

I really loved it, Jane! And I was talking to the Prez of my chapter and she had just read it and loved it, too!

Esri, they're possums. They're probably hissing - I've seen them hiss at my dog. Still, funny pic!


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