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I watched several movies this weekend.

I saw Waitress, which I'd heard was so good. Keri Russell was great, and I love Nathan Fillion, but the relationship between them bothered me. I knew she was married, and unhappily, when I rented the movie, but I didn't know he was married. And that bothered me. I did like the other relationships in the movie, but it was a little depressing.

I saw Nanny Diaries, which I liked better, but also a little depressing. I loved how the story was presented as an anthropological study, complete with displays at the Museum of Natural History.

We watched the first Kill Bill movie, since it was on Spike. It was very odd, but clever, I thought. The second one was on last night and we watched the first two hours. Not as good - pacing was awful.

We're looking forward to seeing I Am Legend next week, then the following week is PS I Love You.

What movies have you seen? Anything good? What are you looking forward to?

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Marianne Arkins said...

I stil want to see "Enchanted"... and, there are some great kids movies coming out this month, like "The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep" -- looks really cute!

Someday, when I'm a grown up again, I'll see movies that are rated higher than PG. LOL...

Trish Milburn said...

I went to see The Golden Compass yesterday and blogged about it today.

I'd like to see I Am Legend too, but will probably wait to Netflix it.

Gina Black said...

I just saw THE GREAT DEBATERS (it was a pre-release screening) and it was *wonderful*. I think it was Denzel Washington's first directorial effort and he did a wonderful job. The acting was all outstanding. It was great. Go see it when it comes out.

Terra said...

I saw the Golden Compass on opening day. Must. See. Again. Soon!


Bonnie said...

I ended up winning tickets to an advance screening of The Kite Runner. It's an excellent film that I probably wouldn't have gone to see, so I'm glad I did.

It wasn't that romantic though. ;)

Natalie Damschroder said...

I'm like Marianne, I saw Fred Claus, and Enchanted, and I can't remember the last adult movie I went to. LOL

Both of those were better than I expected.

I saw Waitress this summer, and because it was an indie I didn't expect it to go the way I would have wanted it to go. So even though, like you, Mary, I didn't know Nathan's character was married, and I didn't like it, it didn't bother me overall because the movie wasn't a romance, it wasn't about them, it was about her and her growth as a person, which I thought was well done.

MaryF said...

I want to see Enchanted, too. Some of my writer's group went - I should have gone with.

LOL on being grown up - my ds gets so MAD because I rent Ratatoille and all those cartoons!

The dh insists we see Legend on the big screen. It's not too long, though. And he is taking me to see Gerry and JDM.

Gina, I just saw the previews for that movie last night. I do love Denzel....

JoAnn, glad you loved GC. I don't have a desire to see that, I think because it looks too much like Narnia, which I didn't enjoy.

Neat, Bonnie! I didn't know they'd made it into a movie!

Natalie, you're right, Waitress wasn't about the romance, but it was marketed that way, at least on the DVD release. And the character was really interesting and had a good arc. I want to see Fred Claus only because JDM has a tiny part in it.

Natalie Damschroder said...

Natalie, you're right, Waitress wasn't about the romance, but it was marketed that way, at least on the DVD release.

I didn't see any of the true marketing. But this is why I like Entertainment Weekly--I read enough reviews and behind the scenes stuff that I knew it wasn't a romance. Even though I wanted it to be. LOL

I want to see Fred Claus only because JDM has a tiny part in it.

Rent it, then, with a free coupon! LOL Because "tiny" is overstating a bit. :)

Sarah L. Catherine said...

DH and I saw Legend yesterday -- I was impressed. Usually, I avoid horror movies, but this wasn't really billed as a gory horror, so I thought I could take it.
Ended up being a very gripping movie, more about the suspense -- dh was really sucked in and freaked out by it. We had some good discussions afterwards about viruses and the end of the world! lol

I LOVED Enchanted. Seen it twice with the girls already -- they liked it, but I loved it, I want to buy it and watch it over and over. So cute and such a good job with the characters and acting. :)

MaryF said...

Natalie, overstating it, eh? That's sad. Oh, well, hopefully his part in PS I LOVE YOU is big.

Sarah, I'm so glad to hear you liked I AM LEGEND. One of the women at the SARA party didn't care for it, but I'm thinking she and I don't share the same movie taste.

I would LOVE to see Enchanted and am kicking myself for not going with the SARAs.


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