Top Ten Events of 2007 and Ending the Year with a Bang!

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I was at Blockbuster and got a call from the Emily coordinator - Breaking Daylight finalled in the Emily!! This gives this book a perfect record in contests, and me a perfect record in the Emily! Hope something comes of it!

My Baby Brother came to get his dog Saturday night and on the way home saw a coyote - IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD! We're less than a mile from the highway, though there has been a lot of development in the area. Still - my kitties!

Completely lazy day yesterday – I didn’t get out of my pjs! I took a shower and got back into another pair! I read 2 GH entries, finished a book that resolved a relatively big conflict in 3 pages ☹, started reading another book (about 100 pages!), did some revisions on my SHOMI contest entry and watched Blood Diamond (good) and The Last Legion (NOT good – I know, Natalie warned me!)

Today, no big plans, unless the boy hangs with his friends tonight. If he does, I’m going to the movies, since the dh has to work. We will hit Blockbuster and Chick-Fil-A, though (have some coupons that expire today!)

Top Ten Events of 2007

10) finishing Breaking Daylight
9) getting my iPod
8) Trish’s sale
7) finalling in the GH and Trish getting to call me
6) reconnecting with friends
5) Chris’s visit in March and getting to finally meet her family!
4) Trish’s visit after conference, wherein we saw Harry Potter at the IMAX and watched all of Robin Hood from BBC
3) celebrating my 20 year anniversary
2) selling Where There’s Smoke, my first book, to WRP
1) selling Hot Shot to Samhain

What were your highlights? Can you believe 2007 is over???



Kris Fletcher said...

I made the Top Ten???

Oh, wow. I'm all ferklept. Seriously. What a way to put a smile on my face!

Thanks, Mary. San Antonio is a fabulous place, but seeing it with you made even better.

MaryF said...

AbsoLUTEly you made the top ten! What a blast that day was, and gorgeous, and man, we didn't stop talking!!

Jennifer Shirk said...

Wow, what a year, huh?

I'm sorry to see it go, because I really should have been done with the story I'm working on by now. LOL

And I got an IPod in 2007, too!

dawn said...

a coyote on laramie?

if you get out of your pjs, why don't you come down for a glass of vino & champagne. i just made some coconut cupcakes, too...we are staying up until midnight. boothe & i shook hands on it yesterday. a new year gotza be kissed. :)

Esri Rose said...

Big congrats on your terrific track record in the Emily!

MaryF said...

Jennifer, don't you LOVE your iPod? The boy got his before my brother went into the hospital for his back, and we kept ourselves busy with it, then I got one, then I got my dh one because he had a 3rd generation one. His is even cooler....

Keep plugging away on that book! The calendar doesn't matter, finishing does.

Dawn, seriously thinking about it - the boy's plans fell through - parents don't want their kids driving tonight, and who can blame them? I didn't get much of a nap, though, so we'll see if I'm still awake ;)

Thanks, Esri!!!!

Natalie Damschroder said...

Hey, congrats on the final!

Sarah L. Catherine said...

Happy New Year, and YAY on the Emily!!!! Woohoo! I didn't realize they were releasing finalists yet!!
Fingers crossed for you!

MaryF said...

Thanks, Natalie and Sarah!!!


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