Computer Woes

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The dh loaded Leopard on my desktop last night and almost killed the dang thing. At one point, he told me he probably lost everything on my user. I hadn't backed up my Nano book or the changes on Ghost Hunters, and I was MAD. But he was able to recover everything of mine, though I went to bed before I saw if he recovered the boy's stuff and his. I lost all my bookmarks, and my cache, so now have to reenter passwords, etc. Now my laser printer is being a jerk and keeps printing empty papers that aren't programmed to print. I don't know if it's out of ink or WHAT. And my inkjet is awful. I think I'm going to go order a new one RIGHT now.

I was able to get all my online shopping done, though, and I BELIEVE I just need Healing Brother (who got good news from his dr last week - he's back to 100%) and his wife, Baby Brother, Mom and stepdad and MIL. I need to check my spreadsheet. Oh, and my Secret Santa at work.

I wrote a lot on my California story, though. I love those magical gel pens!

The dh's gig tomorrow is cancelled (am I wrong to be glad?) and I have a faculty meeting today :(

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Anonymous said...

(((Mary))) on the computer woes. I'm glad you were able to recover your stuff.

Marianne Arkins said...

OH -- your heart must have stopped. I'm so glad you didn't lose your files. Computers... Ugh.

Gina Black said...

So glad your files survived. Ack. Ugh. And argh.

California story? Where is it set? Anyplace I know?

MaryF said...

Thanks, guys! Now my computer doesn't recognize my laser printer....eesh.

Gina, I'm setting this story on the coast north of San Fran. Don't ask why - I don't know!!! I made up the small town though. Still unnamed, too.


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