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I got my kids' presents yesterday, ordered Dad's and cousin's. Also got my production copy for Smoke, went through, found some mistakes. Went to bed at almost midnight with hurting eyes. Typed in 15 pages of my small town story (already written longhand) and cleaned my bedroom pretty good. Oh, and read the RWR.

This week I need to:

1) ease back into small town story
2) get Samhain paperwork taken care of
3) finish revising Ghost Hunters
4) don’t stress about Superromance contest announcement
5) buy long distance gifts and dh’s gift
6) faculty meeting
7) dh’s band playing 2 gigs and practicing one night
8) keep up house
9) keep up at school

Hey…I could live with this!

This is my new favorite band, The Arcade Fire.

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Kristie said...

What gifts did you get for your kids'? I finish my student teaching next week but will go back for the Christmas party and am trying to think of something nice to get them instead of candy and small stuff. Some of the kids come from some rough homes and I have a feeling their Christmas won't be that special. Do you have any ideas?

MaryF said...

Kristie, I went to the Dollar General and got little art kits for them. It came with chalk, paint and crayons. They also had REALLY cute felt bags and Christmas notebooks.

Last year I found mini-Magna Doodles at Big Lots.

My mom gets her kids crayons and Christmas color books.

What grade did you student teach?

Kristie said...

Thanks... that sounds real quit and most of my kids love to draw and do art! I am student teaching fourth grade. One and half more weeks, then my portfolio presentation and then I finally graduate!

MaryF said...

Congratulations, Kristie! Are you going to be able to start teaching after Christmas? 4th graders are interesting, aren't they? Not quite babies, just starting to push toward that attitude.

Kristie said...

I will be, but the job market in Michigan is not so good for teachers. In fact, the job market isn't too hot right now for anything. I might take a job in a charter school or just stick with subbing.

They are an interesting bunch. My class especially. My principal and cooperating teacher both have never had so many issues as in our classrooms. But you are right, we have attitudes but still get hugs. Is that the grade you teach?

MaryF said...

Wow, Kristie, maybe you should come to Texas. We have new schools going up all over.

Yes, I teach 4th grade. I could tell you stories....these poor kids. No wonder some of them never miss a day of school - they have security there.


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