Goals for the Entire Christmas Break

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

1) work on small town story, get at least to 50000 words
2) revisions on Eden’s Promise
3) get a website – I played with making one last night on iWeb, but it’s a little bright and cheery ;)
4) mail requested partial to agent
5) revise and send Breaking Daylight back to Golden Palm
6) research legend for Surface revisions – started this yesterday, too
7) judge GH entries
8) read 2 books
9) driver’s ed stuff with boy
10) boy’s 3 gigs and probably twice as many practices - 2 DOWN, ONE TO GO
11) lunch with writer friends
12) lunch with teacher friends
13) breakfast with Mom
15) clean house
16) get to UPS, the post office, the dry cleaners and grocery
17) nap as often as possible
18) Christmas baking - brownies, fudge, sugar cookies, molasses cookies and sugar plums
19) get four more presents

I went to see PS I LOVE YOU AGAIN on the way home from school yesterday. Still loved it.

I have a quibble with ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT. How come all the REALLY emotional scenes are in a secondary character's POV? The proposal was in Sam's POV and the good news Robin got was in Dolphina's. What's up with that?



Natalie Damschroder said...

I'm thinking this list is about to be pared down, given your new, pained reality. :(

#7--did you get entries already? I didn't think they were sending them out until Dec. 31st. How much vacation DO you get from school, anyway? :)

#14--saw both, LOVED them. Also saw PS I Love You tonight, loved it, too. :)

MaryF said...

I got my entries the week before Christmas, and I get 2 weeks off - WOOT!

I did not love Legend. Quite a lot didn't love it. Very much a downer.

Natalie Damschroder said...

I thought his death was kind of preordained. Didn't care for the ending, really, but wasn't surprised by it, and it didn't change my appreciation for the rest of the movie. There was no romance involved, I think that's the difference. I'm furious if someone dies after falling in love.

I find myself strangely put out that you got your GH entries before they were supposed to be sent. LOL I wonder if I won't get to judge this year? It would be the first year, I think, since I joined RWA.


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