Movies that Make You Cry (But You Like Anyway)

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33 more hours.....

I got the last 3 bags of Mint M&Ms at the store last night. I should never have spread the word ;)

One of the teachers and I decided that if they let us out early enough tomorrow (kids get out before 1, but we don't know when we can leave, which kinda makes me mad---seriously, one day a year, let us GO!) we're going to see PS I LOVE YOU before we go home. I cried a lot in that movie. I hope I don't embarrass her.

So I was thinking about other movies that make me cry. I usually like cheery movies, so this list was hard. The top two are what my son used to call "gray" movies.

1) Mrs. Miniver - great WW2 movie set in England.

2) So Proudly We Hail - great WW2 movie set in the Pacific

3) March of the Penguins

4) Signs

5) Glory

6) Cinderella Man

7) The Lion King

8) Field of Dreams

Help me out, here, y'all.

Not really loving the moustache - must be for WATCHMEN.



Jennifer Shirk said...

I cry at The Sixth Sense every time I watch it. That part at the end when the little boy is in the car with his mom and he tells her that "Grandmom was always proud of you." Ugh. Gets me every time.
Also, Steel Magnolias and Saving Private Ryan.

Marianne Arkins said...


Return To me -- when the dog sits and stares at the door, and then David D. collapses and cries... GAH. Gets me every time.

Tracy Montoya said...

I did The Ugly Cry during Titanic. My brother and cousin, who were with me, still make fun of me for it. The Thorn Birds kills me, though I haven't watched it since high school. Cry at the end of Gladiator every time I watch it. Definitely Steel Magnolias.

There are so many. Now that I've had kids, I'll cry at sappy commercials....

Trish Milburn said...

You all have mentioned several that make me cry -- Glory, Titanic, Beaches. I get teary in the part of Forrest Gump when Jenny dies and in the part of Last of the Mohicans when first Alice and then Uncas die.

There are certain episodes of TV shows that make me cry too, like the episodes of Buffy when she has to kill Angel and then when he leaves at the end of season 3.

MaryF said...

YES, Sixth Sense - especially THAT scene. I don't even have to watch the whole movie to cry, just THAT scene.

YES, Return to Me. I didn't watch Beaches more than once. I don't like to cry ;)

STEEL MAGNOLIAS - OMG, YES!!! Why didn't I think of that? That is still one of the best chick flicks ever.

As for TV shows - when Denny died on Grey's (and not just because of my mad-hot crush, but how it destroyed Izzy.)

Sarah L. Catherine said...

Merry Christmas!! Up late and checking in on the blogs.

I cry easily at movies. Biggest tear-jerkers for me are Hope Floats (bawled the whole time I first saw it), Bridges of Madison County (not usually my type of movie, either)...
Sense and Sensibility, when she's crying over her sister saying "don't leave me."

I love that kind of real emotion... I'm dying to see PS I Love You -- but I'm not sure I'm ready for a weepy movie on the holiday!

Have a great one! :)

MaryF said...

Sarah, I remember crying through Hope Floats, too. I bought the movie but never watch it, though I listen to the soundtrack all. the. time. I don't remember Sense and Sensibility, can you imagine?

And PS I LOVE YOU wasn't TOO bad in the weepiness, was it?


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