3 WOOTS, A Construction Rant, A Mail Order Rant and Panic Time

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First of all, a big WOOT to my dh for getting advance screening tickets for PS I LOVE YOU on Monday. The good - he's on vacation, so we can get there early. The bad - that's the third night we'll be leaving the ds alone. I know he's 16, but hey.

Second WOOT - I'm on the Coming Soon Page at The Wild Rose Press!!!! I don't know when soon is, but I'm there!!!!

Third woot - a partial request from Jenny Rappaport on last year's GH finalist. Need to dust that puppy off!

Last night, the boy played at the high school, which is across the highway from our home. (Okay, across the highway and a few miles, but...) Apparently, though, crossing the highway is now akin to crossing the border. It took me FIFTEEN MINUTES to get 3 miles because of construction - AND I HAD TO DO IT FOUR TIMES YESTERDAY!!!! I had to pick the kid up, bring him home, take him back for the gig and bring him home. EVERYTHING is one lane. ARGH! I remember when all the construction was on the OTHER side of town.

THEN, I FINALLY got my Pirates DVD from Best Buy Tuesday. It had shipped TWELVE DAYS before that. It went from Austin (an hour down the road) to Dallas (3 hours away) to OKLAHOMA CITY, then BACK TO DALLAS. A movie I ordered the ds that was mailed after that, I got a week before. I presume I'll get Harry Potter around Christmas.

What's up with the UPS man delivering in the middle of the night? The other night, the dh came home at midnight, and we had a package!

OKay, what needs to be done before I get out of school:

Progress reports, which means grading and entering grades

Make up work over the Christmas break for failing grades on the progress reports. I NEVER give homework over breaks, but these kids are just....so not motivated, and their parents don't help.

Choose a math textbook for the district to adopt (this is not my job alone, but paperwork is involved.)

Turn in nominations for the gifted and talented program.

Christmas letter about Christmas activities to parents.


lesson plans x2

Finish Cindi's scarf and wrap her kids' gifts so I can give them to her before we get out.

Make a scarf for my Secret Santa. And maybe 2 for the ladies in the office. Lord knows I have the yarn.

What has to be done before Christmas:

Get gift card for MIL at WalMart. I go to WalMart like 3 times a year, and this is NOT a good time. But I need to do other shopping there, too, so it can't just be a guerilla trip.

Gifts for brothers, Mom, stepdad

Find out where Christmas is going to be.



Two Christmas parties, and I have to take food to one of them.

Are YOU ready????

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Jennifer Shirk said...

Eeek. No, I'm not done. In fact, I should be doing a little baking right now...

Natalie Damschroder said...

Gee, so much to address!

Woot woot woot! I hope the movie lives up to your expectations! Yaycomingsoon! And WOO HOOO for the request!

Boo for construction. :(

WTF about the shipping crap?! You should have just driven over and picked it up! LOL

UPS is terminally behind at this time of year. I've gotten stuff delivered at 8:00 p.m. I guess it's possible something came later--I don't always remember to check my front door.

Your to-do list is far worse than mine. I shall stop complaining.

I have barely begun getting ready, but as soon as I'm done here, I'm at least going to try doing my mailing labels for holiday cards.

Good luck!

MaryF said...

Get thee to work, Jennifer ;)

Thanks, Natalie! I KNOW - I should have gone to Austin and gotten it about 5 days sooner. Harry Potter arrived on time, though.

I couldn't find any cute address labels for my cards this year, so I wrote them out. It wasn't terrible....


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