10 Elements in My Writing

Swiped from Marianne, who swiped from Tori

Ten Elements or Words I Always Use in My Stories (well, mostly - I've written 17!)

1. My characters always realize they’re tired when they can’t control their lusting. I.E. “He must be more tired than he thought to let his desires run loose,” or some such. Trish pointed this out to me in one book and I found it in two others!

2. My characters are always outside. I do not like to be outside. Because of this, they are always wiping the sweat out of their eyes, usually with their shoulders.

3. At least one of my characters is an only child. And the parents are usually not a part of the book.

4. There’s almost always a Land Cruiser in my books. I love Land Cruisers. If not a Land Cruiser, a Toyota of some kind.

5. My hero and heroine tend to work toward the same end rather than against each other. So I have to make the internal conflict strong enough. Ask me how that’s working out ;)

6. I have a lot of black moments in hospital scenes.

7. My heroines always have long hair and my heroes always have short hair.

8. I almost always come up with the hero first…except twice.

9. I have…four books where the characters have a past. No, five. Two divorced couples, one best friends, two where he rescued her in the past.

10. My characters blink in surprise. A lot.


I thought I'd found the Perfect Bra for GH night - it had clear straps! It was made by Lily of France and it was called a Strappie. Dang if they don't have them in my size!

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Anonymous said...

And the parents are usually not a part of the book.

My heroines always used to be orphans. Not sure what that says about me. *g*

Stacy Dawn said...

Mine always raise their eyebrows...h or H doesn't matter...sheesh.

April said...

LOL... I don't even want to think about that! It may make me question writing :-)

And I haven't had any hospital scenes. But when I read one and there aren't enugh black moments or it's not big enough, I'm disappointed. So you have my support there!

Anonymous said...

Interesting idea. As for patterns in my stories, I like to put in different nationalities and lots of travel.

MJFredrick said...

I used to write orphans, too, and the parents were usually both killed together. Then as my son got older I started getting superstitious, and I quit doing that.

Stacy, the eyebrows - me, too!


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