I'm mostly packed. Bathing suit, underwear, yoga pants, t-shirts to sleep in, shoes. I'm borrowing a garment bag from my mom and wondering how many garments I can actually fit IN it. See, I'm travelling in a Scion XB, which, while great on gas, is not so roomy. So I have teensy luggage. Which means I need more pieces. As of now, I have my conference clothes in tiny suitcase, shoes and underwear (including tummy holder-inners) in my Bombshell duffel bag (which is usually much roomier.) All paperwork is in my Harlequin tote. Need to go get the garment bag, and the dh and ds need to pack their clothes in dh's Marlboro duffel bag (we have a thing for free luggage apparently.)

My slacks, Wednesday dress, Friday skirt and Saturday night dress are not packed.

I will pack my make up after I wear some tomorrow. I think I can fit it in my Harlequin tote.

And I need to leave room for the books and t-shirts I'll be getting.

And I've decided I hate my purse. Too late to get a new one.

I have shoes and jewelry to match each outfit.

I just remembered to get my nail polish and pack it.

Need dh to try on his suit and fix my charm bracelet.

And I'm obsessing about what book to take to read on the trip. I mean, I'll have a plethora of books to choose from after Wednesday, but Tuesday....Candy's book is nice and slim. If I don't finish it before Tuesday, that will be good. Otherwise, maybe a Desire or something.

What are you obsessing about?

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you've done lots of packing! I also obssess about it when I'm traveling. And then I drive off and wonder if I forgot something. Have lots of fun and tell us afterwards!

Tracy Montoya said...

You're good, Mary. I probably won't pack until Tuesday, and that will be thinking ahead for me. And I feel your pain about the Scion having no room. I'm doing the same thing.

April said...

Wow, Mary, you make me feel like such a slacker! I always leave something behind. Always. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I wish I was going with you! Goddess willing, next year in Dallas. You're getting the packing thing down, and you'll go! Have a wonderful time, and blessings on the GH. Shine on, deserve it!

What am I obsessing about...hmm...finishing my contracted novel...getting back on Sugarbusters after finding out my BP was starting to nudge upwards again...putting out all the harvest-tide decorations so that I feel better, maybe help the intense heat to move off (!)...things like that. This is better than what I have been obsessing over in recent weeks! A hopeful sign, I think.


Stephanie said...

I'm obsessing about "Will my online friends like me in person?"

Dumb, I know.

Oh, and packing. Which I'm worried about but won't do until Tuesday night : )

MJFredrick said...

My friends were teasing me at lunch yesterday for already being packed. It would be different if I didn't have so many things going on, or if we were going on a real vacation, but I need to make sure I have everything!

Now I'm obsessing that we have one camera and the dh will probably want to take pictures of the sightseeing and I'll want to take pictures of my buddies!

Bosey, I can't WAIT to meet you! Calm down, girl!

JoAnn, those sound like MUCH better obsessions than you've had to deal with this past month! Good luck!


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