Chiefs (I so had another politically incorrect title!)

I’m writing two chiefs right now – well, writing one, revising one. One of them is a born chief, has taken command from the cradle. The other has chosen chiefhood, has taken command of his life after an out-of-control childhood.

Both of them

Seize control
Eye on the prize
Expect to be followed without question
Need to fix problems
Relish overcoming obstacles
Have the motto: do something or get out of the way
Fiercely protective
Rarely take time from goals to bond with others
Independence vital
Goal oriented
Responsible – always finish what he starts
Stubborn – refuse to admit cause is lost
Unsympathetic – unsentimental and impatient
Dominating – need to be right, irritated when decisions are not made right away, believes he’s going in the right direction
Always need to control environment, set goals and moved forward, achievement his top priority, no one stood in his way.
Would rather lead than communicate, didn’t like being taken away from goals, took opportunities presented to him.
Loss of control scares him
No trouble telling people what to do, thrives in his job

My born chief

Was never a rule breaker.
Naturally assumes mantle of control, getting the job done is his right and a privilege
well liked but few friends
Conservative, part of establishment, proud.

My made chief

bullies people into following him
responsibility was his at an early age
Not cowed by heavy load placed upon him, it’s all he ever wanted, his priority
figured out the system
When challenged, he exhibits disbelief and then a ruthless anger, never admits he might lose the battle.

As you can see, a big issue for these guys is control. (I could so never be married to one. I’m the chief over here. So why do I write them? They just come out that way.) As I was merrily writing the synopsis for my born-chief story, I realized the big issue between him and the heroine is control. He has it, and when he exhibits it, he reminds her of her father, who controls his wife down to what she eats and wears. My heroine has vowed never to be controlled like that. Worse, they’ve spent the entire book looking for a woman who ran away from her marriage because she was abused.

So my big problem is … how can he show my heroine that he’s not going to control their relationship?

EDITED TO ADD: Over breakfast, I realized that whatever Danny gives up control of has to be something that he needed to have control of throughout the story. Once I figure out what that is, I think I'll have a good emotional ending.

Other than that, and the romance, the synopsis is good. 10 handwritten pages, but good.

What hero types do you write? Heroines?

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mary!
I have no idea what's going on with your story, but is his in charge attitude also centered on control over his future? He sounds like a planner. Someone who knows exactly what's going to happen and why.
Hmmm. I like the super strong heroes like this. I like it when they finally step back too. reminds me of an SEP hero. :-)

Shesawriter said...

Let her tie him up in the bedroom so she can have her way with him. LOL!

Kelly (Lynn) Parra said...

My Bombshell has a theme of control in it, with a similar hero/heroine relationship. I guess one way I resolved it by him showing how much he cares and risks for her safety. There's so much going in the book, it's all jumbled in my head!

MJFredrick said...

Mary Beth!!! I read this yesterday, but it didn't click till right now. That is a great insight to Danny. I'm still trying to think of a symbolic gesture for him, though.

Tanya, don't think I didn't think of it ;)

Kelly, LOL about the book jumbled in your head. I so get that. I think she'll be realizing he's giving up control of different aspects throughout the novel, but I want him to make a supreme effort at the end. So even though she knows he's giving up control, the gesture touches her, ya know?


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