To the Brink

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To the Brink was a novel written just for me. Former Special Ops soldier has to rescue his ex-wife when she’s taken hostage by terrorists in the Philippines. The story starts five years after their divorce when she makes a frantic phone call then disappears. Then it flashes back 8 years earlier when they first met and just became enraptured of each other. The sexual tension in the flashbacks was through the roof, and the use of flashbacks heightened the tension and prolonged the suspense of what was happening to Darcy (the heroine) while Ethan (the hero) is planning to get to her.

What I loved about this book, other than the plot, was Ethan’s torment. He’s a Special Ops guy, it’s what he’s trained to do, but he feels it making him less than human, and that all comes to a head during one of the flashbacks. VERY powerfully done.

I also loved the secondary romance. The vulnerability of the woman, the tenderness of the man.

And the action scenes rocked!

I read To the Limit and enjoyed it, but I loved this one. I’ve got to go back and read To the Edge, and I think a new one came out last month. Maybe I’ll wait to get them in Atlanta.

I pulled out Pride's Fall yesterday, my single mom story. I think it could be fixed. Of course, the discs it's on were for my XT, a million years ago, so I'll have to completely retype it, but I really liked it!


Toni Anderson said...

I got To The Edge at a book signing in Reno. I really enjoyed it, though I only read it last week!! Must try the next in the series!!!

Shesawriter said...


Just popping in to say good luck to you at National. Have a blast!


Elisabeth Naughton said...

I LOVED LOVED LOVED To the Brink. It's a keeper. To the Limit was great too, and To the Edge was okay, but To the Brink was the best.

I read the 4th last week on Vacation - Over The Line. The main character is Jason Wilson - a friend of Nolan's from To the Edge. It was good - steamy - I liked it. But To The Brink is still my fav.

I'm really looking forward to Dallas's story.

MJFredrick said...

Toni, yes, you must try!

Tanya, thanks so much!!! Are you going?

Elisabeth, EXACTLY!!! Dallas's story won't be out till next summer :(

Tracy Montoya said...

You have to retype an entire book? UGH! (ALthough I may be in that same boat if I ever revise one of my old WIPs, because all I can seem to find after three moves is a paper copy.) Then again, if you revise as you go, you might finish the revision and the typing at the same time!

MJFredrick said...

Tracy, that's my plan, revise as I go. I worked on the synopsis yesterday. Need to upload it from Alphie and look at it - I don't think I did a very good job. Then today, type-y, type-y!


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