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I know, everyone works towards them, but for the rest of the school year, I only have ONE weekend to myself!

This weekend: Starving Artist and Easter

Next weekend: MINE!!

Weekend after that: My birthday (okay, maybe technically mine, but there will be a party, and cleaning involved)

Weekend after that: Fiesta/critique

First weekend in May: SIL's bday

Second weekend in May: Mom's bday and Mother's Day (more party and cleaning)

Third weekend in May: Baby Brother's graduation

Last weekend in May: Nephew's confirmation

First weekend in June: Broken Brother's birthday

Then finally another free weekend!

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Kelly Boyce said...

Glad I'm not the only one who breaks down their life by what's going on during the weekend!

Anonymous said...

Mary, looks like you have lots of celebrations coming up! I hope you'll have tons of fun (well, maybe except while cleaning up afterwards)...

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Okay, you are NOT ALLOWED to be required to clean for your own friggin' birthday. Or Mother's Day, for that matter.

Do I have to send my husband down there to train your family? :)

Cindy Taylor said...

Happy early b-day, Mary. Mine's next weekend, too. The 15th.

At least your weekends sound fun! :)

MJFredrick said...

LOL, Kelly, I like having things to look forward to!

Olga, yep, this is usually a busy time of year for my family, and now that our family has grown with the dh's sister's family, we've added more!

LOL, Natalie! Last year for my 40th, my friend Cindi was coming to clean, but we ended up having it at my brother's house. Even after 15 years, Mother's Day still doesn't feel like it's for me. Sad, huh?

Thanks, Cindy! I just got an invitation from my SIL for a jewelry party on the 14th - my only free weekend! Sigh.


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