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What do you do when this whole writing business leaves you feeling battered? 10 rejections in 2 weeks is hitting me hard right now and I just want to curl up....not read, not watch TV, not go idea what will pull me out of this slump. Even writing is hard because....well, why bother?



Gina Black said...

Why bother?

Well, because I'm pretty sure that you can't not write.

The biggest of hugs, Mary. It's tough when you combine art and commerce. And you will get your "yes"--of that I have no doubt. But you do have to keep sending it out to get that.

I'm about to get back on the submission treadmill myself. I don't look forward to the vulnerability that comes with it.

Maria Zannini said...

Step away from the keyboard and breathe. Rejection letters are nothing more than ONE person's opinion.

You are better than that, Mary. Don't you ever doubt yourself.

When I get days like this, I remind myself that everything is cyclical. Things change in an hour, in a day, a week or a year. It always does.

Hang in there, hon. You're going to do fine!


Anonymous said...

Don't forget that you ARE published...and look at the reviews you received. Take a small breather, let your well refill...I know you, Mar, it is impossible for you to not write. It WILL return.


Anonymous said...

Hugs, Mary. Maybe write something just for yourself, just a few pages for fun. Try to bring back some of the joy.

Or take a break. Soemtimes you need to refill the creative well.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

*pets Mary*

I know exactly how you feel, and maybe curling up is what you need. If you can find something (Sam and Dean fan vids?) to take your mind completely away from it, that will help your heart reset so you can plow on.

I agree with the rest of them. It WILL happen. And you know what? It will be SOOO much more impressive with all the angsty backstory. :)

Marianne Arkins said...

You are published. And you've gotten rave reviews from most everyone on those two books. I don't think rejections are a statement on your ability to write, because that is something you shouldn't question. It's just about trying to fit your square peg into their round hole. You gotta find the right thing for the right place.

And what I just said isn't going to make a difference, is it? What you really need are:


Anonymous said...

HUGE HUGS Mary!!!!!!!!!!
Remember, the rejection is of the work, not of you.
And remember there are a million and twelve reasons why work gets rejected. HUGS!

L M Gonzalez said...


So sorry about the rejections! They're hard no matter how you look at them! However, do look at them. Find the cherries among the pits as a fellow SARA told me one time.

And like everyone else said. Remember you ARE published and readers and reviewers like your books!!


MJFredrick said...

Thanks, y'all. Of course I wrote, but like Gina said, it's the vulnerability that kicks my butt. I know Maria is right and it goes in cycles, but this cycle has me down. Maybe because too much time has passed since I last submitted? I let my skin thin?

Michelle, I thought about writing something for fun. My class helped me come up with a historical that would be different, and short, so maybe....I just know I get carried away with new stuff and that's why I claimed this year for revisions ;)

And yes, I'm published, but I've only sold 106 copies of Hot Shot. That was a lot of damn work for 106 copies, you know?

I just feel like every one of my current books has a fatal flaw and I don't see it until it's too late.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Mary, I'm not sure about "letting" your skin thin, but there might be an element of truth to the fact that you're not used to it. I think a larger part is often degree of caring. Like, how passionate we are about the book itself, how much we want to sell to the particular publisher, etc. Of the 7 rejections I've gotten on my agent-submitted manuscript, 5 bounced off with a shrug, 1 hurt a little, and 1 sent me into a sobbing collapse for hours.

I's okay to let it hurt. It's even okay to spiral down into that horrible pit of despair. What's important is getting yourself back out of it and continuing on.


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