Dark Knight

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WOW, was Dark Knight good. I was a bit disappointed that they DIDN'T show The Watchmen trailer, but....

Dark Knight had incredible performances, good writing - lots of stuff was foreshadowed well. The Joker's lines were menacing and darkly funny. One scene, while scary, was really funny because of his performance. I found myself trying to find Heath in the character, just to kind of reassure myself. Maggie was terrific as Rachel, the woman in the middle. Aaron Eckhardt was compelling as the White Knight who showed no fear in his quest. The action scenes were incredible, and during the car chases, I could FEEL the rubber of the tires on the Batmobile gripping the road. There NEEDS to be another.

I was a little surprised at the "real worldness" of it - no cartoon Gotham City here. And there was a great sense of hopelessness in the movie - you could feel the frustration of the law enforcement in the face of the madness in the city.

I do not think little kids should see it. It's VERY intense, complex, and lots of scary tension and violence. Someone in the theater had a baby, and there were little kids. I wouldn't have let my son see it if he'd been in elementary. Heck, he saw TWO TOWERS when he was in 6th grade and he couldn't sleep. This was DEFINITELY a PG-13. Makes me wonder if I can handle the intensity of The Watchmen (btw, we couldn't find the graphic novel in two bookstores, so ordered it from Amazon. The book has gone back to print since the trailer came out last week!)

I'm also looking forward to the new Terminator with Christian Bale.

Have you seen Dark Knight? What did you think?



KATZ said...

LOVED the Batman movie. I thought Heath's performance was just being over hyped... but it was NOT. He was incredible. Action and story line were great, kept me guessing.
Batman's motorcycle is HOT. :)

(This isn't a bad pic you've got today, either... hmmm, man nipple... ;) )

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

My husband and Number One are seeing it right now. I'd heard about its intensity, the subtextual commentary on modern-day politics and war, etc., and worried that Number One shouldn't see it. But I gave in. She's officially 13 now--even said that TECHNICALLY she doesn't need our permission--and I guess if she can travel overseas by herself for 10 days, she can handle an intense movie.

I hope!


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