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The other day one of my cps asked me about unfinished books and I told her I only had one I hadn't finished.

Um, I lied (not on purpose, though!)

The one I was thinkiing about was the one inspired by an ER episode, a heroine trapped in a coffee shop being held hostage and being the go-between with the negotiator and the hostage takers. That was the first chapter, didn't know what to do with it once the heroine and the negotiator met.

My cruise ship story...I knew the end and the beginning, but the middle had me muddled. Still does. I think it's going to be my Nano book.

Then there's one that I started in 2002 on the way to the Grand Canyon when the dh pointed down a dirt road and said, "I wonder what's down there." I came up with what, a man raising his younger disabled sister, living with his drunk brother, when his father is released from prison for killing the hero's mother. I changed it to enter the Intrigue contest and didn't keep the original copy, idiot that I am. I'd still like to finish it.

The reason I'm mentioing it is that last year Kris had a dream and told me about it and now it's wormed its way into my brain. I've written the first five or so pages and it's pulling at me....

But no! This is the year of revisions!!!! Must.....resist....



kris said...

Resistance is futile.

Besides, it's you and GEORGE. Good heavens, women, no wonder that's worming into your brain.


Some things are not meant to be pushed aside.

MJFredrick said...

LOL - I did write about 7 pages. I'm going to add one more bit and send it to you, Kris ;)

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Good! I was going to point out that there's nothing wrong with doing revisions AND having a new book going. New writing is so much easier than revising in places like the doctor's office or whatever, you know?


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