Heroic Qualities

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I got my first round of edits for BD, so need to get to work on that. But fist...

The dh likes Rescue Me. I watch with him, but it makes me uncomfortable. I told the dh it's because the characters aren't heroic. He countered with, "They save lives, don't they?"

Well, sure.

He continued by saying I just don't like to think of men who do heroic jobs as not having other heroic qualities. I went to bed thinking about this and realized that wasn't it.

The thing that bothers me is that the characters in Rescue Me don't do the right thing. Ever. If they have two choices, they make the wrong one. Every. Time.

Yes, heroes make wrong choices sometimes. But they correct it, or they make up for it, and maybe they had a compelling reason to make that choice in the first place. Those are the characters I find sympathetic, that I can root for.



Mary Curry said...

Interesting to think about, MJ. I believe you've mentioned this before so you have me curious. I wonder as a NYer if I'll feel the same or have a different response. You've got me curious to watch. The schedule says it's on at 11 tomorrow night here so I'll try to remember to watch.

MJFredrick said...

I'd be VERY interested to hear your opinion, Mary. Initially this show was conceived as firefighters dealing with life after 9/11, but, well, watch and see what you think.

Mary Curry said...

I watched a couple of episodes on Hulu, MJ and I see what you mean. I don't get the sense the writers were going for heroic. It's more like a male soap opera with the firefighting as a backdrop. The characters act like overgrown bullies and when they're not bullying, they're acting sophomoric.

I'd have to see more of it before really judging, but I hate seeing 9/11 used as a plot crutch.

MJFredrick said...

My take is that it's more a character crutch than a plot crutch. It's Tommy's excuse for everything. He's just a jerk who needs an excuse, I think.

You're right about the male soap opera, but I'd still like to have one character to root for.


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