Looking for the Light at the End of the Tunnel

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Not a particularly funny LOLcat, but it looks JUST like my Skippyjon.

Got an R yesterday on my straight contemp, Something to Talk About. I love that book, too.

I think I may be getting sick. I have a sinus headache and my ears are throbbing. Can't take off until after the test, though!

It's going to be 94 today. 94!!!! It's February!!!!! And we're having a pep rally in the gym for TAKS. Yay.

God, I hope something good happens today.



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I have no sense of concentration in the evenings this week, and I've had to be more writer than teacher, even after hours. I woke up at 3, the dh was asleep on the couch because he didn't want to wake me by coming to bed, so I finished reading Sugar Daddy. The ending was way rushed, IMO. Sad, because it was a really good book. I feel the same about SEP's latest-rushed ending.

We took the boy and his girlfriend out for dinner last night. He's chosen his college-in town. I'm very happy. After dinner we went to the library, where I picked up 4 audiobooks and 2 paperbacks, despite the fact that I've bought like 10 books this year already. We should have a Drop Everything and Read Day or something.....

Okay, running late.


I Need a Laugh

My back is killing me, and I have a cough, so every cough is like a labor pain. TAKS writing test is next week and I STILL have kids failing the practice bits. Grades are due and I don't have enough for social studies because we've been getting ready for the test. Still can't get into my laptop and I haven't slept through the night all week.

One of my kids turned in an amazing composition this week-a month late. What he said sounded so familiar-"I want my work to be done, but I don't want to do it!" Does that ring a bell with you?

You've probably seen this. We've been quoting it for weeks.

This is a hilarious spoof.

Cindi showed me this video to play for the kids, with all the presidents.

The Boy's girlfriend showed us this one, not as up-to-date but more memorable.


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I know, not Monday anymore, but this Monday will live in my memory awhile. It was awful!

I couldn't (still can't) find my leather coat. I know I had it Saturday night, so it's somewhere.

I stepped on Napoleon, hard, both feet. He was on the mat by the step and it was dark and I didn't see him. Couldn't find him for hours. Was certain I'd killed him.

Got to school after stopping for Starbucks (because I had traffic duty and couldn't find my coat.) Spilled Starbucks. Argh. Got to my hallway, and a sub told me some of the rooms had been broken into. Looked through the window of my door and saw my blinds were messed up....and the laptop from my desk was gone. Swore loudly, regardless of young ears in the vicinity. Walked in, saw the thieves had poured an entire bottle of green paint all over my desk, splashing some on the wall and floor, splattering photographs and the brand new school shirts for my class, which had been sitting on my desk. And I mentioned the laptop, right? GRRRRRRR. Cursed and stomped and cleaned the mess, foregoing traffic duty. Went to sign in to see a lovely drawing of a....well, one of the teachers asked who drew a tree on the computer monitor. Wasn't a tree.

About 8 classes had been broken into and damaged, a DVD player, 2 laptops and other stuff taken. They'd even stopped to EAT in 2 teachers' classes. Um, do we NOT have an alarm? I thought we did.

Apparently the thieves had caught, and were kids who used to go to our school, but the principal hadn't known about the missing laptop. HOWEVER, the laptops have tracking devices, and they were able to locate mine and another teacher's at the students' homes. Ha-take that, you little jerks. We're filing charges, and my laptop is home, locked carefully away this time. Little jerks.

I was asked to speak at SARA's Build a Book program in April on synopses. Not sure if I'll say yes or not. What do you think?

I'm blogging around again. I'm at The Samhelliontalking about music and looking for ideas, at Rose Marie Wolfand at Supernatural Sisters.


Monday-Don't Forget, You Can Win an E-Reader

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The Wild Rose Press is running their Sony E-Reader contest for 3 more weeks.
To enter; purchase a title from the sponsoring authors and send the order number, the title and the date of purchase to sonyreader@thewildrosepress.com. I will put all the emails in a random drawing, verify that the winner did purchase something from a sponsoring author and that's it, we announce the winner on March 17.

Details Here

Trish is still not home. I miss her.

I caught up to where I want to be in the Texas book. I need to work on my SPN blog....that's getting to be some work.


Goals for the Last Week of February

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I managed to get some writing done yesterday, didn’t quite catch up to where I wanted to be. I also ran errands to the library (Julie Garwood’s latest on audio CD), cleaners, bank, Target (got a cool sign that says, “And they lived happily ever after”), Barnes and Noble, to see if my books are on the shelf yet (they aren’t.) I also wrote my Samhellion blog. Yay.

1) 50 pages on Texas story. Seriously, this time. I’m soooo tired, can’t stay up, can’t wake up early….
2) Blog on Samhellion, Supernatural Sisters, and with Rose Marie Wolf
3) Online chats Monday, Wednesday AND Friday
4) Judge one Merritt entry
5) Get grades in for 4th grading period
6) House
7) Exercise

Boring week. I like J

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Why I Didn't Write This Week

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Why I haven’t been writing this week

1) Tired! Just exhausted when I finally sit down after dinner…can’t put two words together.
2) Being a promo ho…7 blogs in 6 days can take it out of a girl!
3) At a weird place in my story…a bridge scene within scenes I’ve already written. There will be a point where all words will be new words, but I need this scene first.
4) This scene isn’t playing out on the page the way it did in my head back when I was working on revisions for other stuff.
5) My confidence in the story is shaken since critique group…not their fault, mine. I need to remember I need distance before I send stuff out.
6) Uneven schedule-SARA, two early mornings at school, tutoring, people not being where they’re supposed to be when they’re supposed to be there.

I’m so mad at myself, because there’s other stuff I want to work on, and I didn’t write at all this week. And now I have 4 contest entries to judge, and am still waiting on revisions on my short story, which I’m sure will come the minute I get into a groove….

I need to get to the dry cleaners, library and bank today. Otherwise....

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I bought a book for $25 last night. It was a children's book that I read repeatedly as a kid, called Flood Friday. It's been double the price, and I decided to get it. I look forward to reading it again. Of course, there's the chance it won't mean the same, like that ghost kids book I got a couple of summers ago. Then again, the best friends book was just as good.

And since I was too tired to write but had to stay up because the boy was out and the dh wasn't home to wait up for him, I played on Facebook. I found two of my elementary school crushes, and a couple of people who went to Catholic school with me. I want to approach them, but it's been so long, I don't know how weird it would be. I don't really keep in contact with those folks, and wonder if there's really a good way to get started again, you know? Have you reconnected with people from your past, out of the blue? Has someone come to you?

I'm guest blogging at I Do Not Want to Wait, I Want the Book Now. Was very lonely yesterday :( One of my buddies pointed out at neither blog was my name in the title, or anywhere other than the book cover. Hmmm, kinda defeats the purpose of promotion, yeah?

I'm terribly behind on TV. Watched Heroes and Lost with only one eye open. Tivo close to exploding again.....

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Blogging Around

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I'm sooooo tired. SARA meeting last night after a lonnnnng day at work, tutoring today (I accidentally wrote "torturing.")

Also blogging around.

I'm at I Read Romance talking about layered characters (I think) and I'm at In Search of Heroes talking about what makes firefighters such great romance heroes.

I haven't written in 3 days. I've been in bed by 9:30, and before that barely coherent. I don't know why it's hitting me now...maybe after busting tail to do those revisions my mind doesn't want to push itself?

I also have my Merritt entries to judge. I have four, and they're due back the week after Spring Break. Good, I guess.

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Things That Make Me Happy

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Our house is designed so the living area is in the back. When we first moved in, one of my favorite sights was our back neighbor's flag on his flagpole. He was a crazy old guy-we were pretty sure his dog's name was "Goddamnit." Anyway, he's gone now, and we have new neighbors.

Like us, their living area is in the back of the house, and they have a huge TV that faces their back door. So I can sit on the couce and see what they're watching. I love that.

Little Caesar's had a pizza deal last night. We got 2 pizzas for less than $10, and the boy went to get them. I can get behind that, too.

The fellas and I sat on the couches and watched W and Heroes. Lately the three of us are never all home, never all watching something at the same time. Tonight and tomorrow and Saturday we won't be. I need to enjoy it while I can.

I got a Sea Island Cotton candle and a Lavender Chamomile soap at Bath and Body Works. Smells gooood.

I got Panera bagels for school today. Cinnamon Crunch....yum.

My hair is long enough for ponytails again.

I have three magazines and a decorating book waiting for me when I finally meet my writing goals.

Sleep. I love sleep.

What's made you happy lately?

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Shopping my Books Around

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I’ve been to 6 bookstores to get them to carry my book-3 Borders and 3 Barnes and Nobles. The story is different at every one.

First Borders: I had to go twice because the first time no manager was there. When I returned, the guy was very nice, took my card with the info and mentioned if I wanted to have a booksigning, he could arrange it. He gave me his card. I’m still thinking about it.

Second Borders: The manager told me she couldn’t order the books at the local level and gave me the number to their corporate headquarters.

Third Borders: The kids at the help desk congratulated me. The manager took my card and said he’d take care of it, and he was thinking about getting a booksigning together.

So, different stories at each.

First Barnes and Noble: This is the one where the manager was discouraging until she recognized my name. After that, she talked about a booksigning, but that she needed each author to bring in 50 people. Dang.

Second Barnes and Noble: A few clicks from the manager and she ordered a couple of copies, told me they’d be in in a week. I should come find her and she’d give me some local author stickers to put on them. Less than 5 minutes and my book is ordered.

Third Barnes and Noble: The location is relocating, so not ordering books right now.

I’m wondering at the difference in reception at each place. Anyone know the real story? Are the 2 Borders guys just being nice, then tossing my info? Or is the woman at the second Borders right?

I’m going to start carrying my camera, though, in case I see my book on the shelf. That’s another first I’m looking forward to.

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I had critique Saturday. My critique partners are on the board of my chapter, and were talking about needing more volunteers, especially people who have history with the group. Then they turned and looked at me.

I tried to explain my head almost popped off this last month with 2 manuscripts being revised, getting observed by my principal, getting kids ready for the state test and having a book coming out. If I added one more thing to my list….no. I can’t.

I came home to more such requests from my online chapter. I feel terribly guilty for letting the burden fall to others-yes, I know we’re all busy-but I know if I was coordinating the chapter contest now, say, or had one more responsibility outside my current ones, my head would pop off.

I admire the heck out of people who can, like one of my cps, who has a fulltime job, edits, writes, has a family, teaches online classes, runs the chapter critique group and is on the board. Can you imagine that being me? I would be bald.

It was easier for me when I was music teacher. I didn’t have papers to grade or progress reports to get out or parent conferences. I had programs to put on, but other than that and my scheduled classes, my time was my own, and relatively stress-free. I was able to do a lot more then.

So I feel guilty, but I need to protect my sanity, and my writing. I mean, I didn’t get into writing because I wanted to belong to groups, which sounds sad. I got in because I want to tell stories, and all that volunteer stuff takes away from it. I’m even thinking of not belonging to the groups anymore because I don’t want that extra guilt, you know?

Do you volunteer? How do you find time?

I’m blogging ALL over today.

I’m at Supernatural Sisters talking about 1967 Impalas.

I’m at The Romance Studio talking about keeper shelves.

And I’m at The Wet Noodle Posse talking about some of the best onscreen kisses.

Between that and two chats….I should have stayed home.

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Goals for the week of SARA

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Goals for week of SARA

1) work on Texas book, at least 50 pages
2) booksigning at school
3) blog all over the place (7 blogs in 5 days…one today, 2 Monday, 1 Tuesday, 2 Thursday and one Friday)
4) update newsletter and website
5) Hit another B&N and Borders with my info
6) revisions on short story
8) Clean house for real
9) Exercise for real

The new plan: Finish Texas book and submit by the end of Spring Break (in 4 weeks). Write and submit another short story. Write partial of RS in case I hear from Susan, good or bad, about Breaking Daylight. I want to have something else to send her.

Then take the back half of May and the first half of June off, since the boy will be graduating and we will be having company. Lots and lots of company.

Blogging today at Samhain


Happy Valentine's Day!

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Happy Valentine's Day! Any fun plans? The dh thought he was playing tonight, so we didn't make any. Instead, I have critique, the boy is going to UIL, the library and then out with his gf. The dh will be alone most of the day. (He would truly give me a gift if he'd CLEAN OFF THIS COUNTER.)

Before I go to critique, I need to: get a few things from the grocery store, go to the post office, Office Max and B&N. AND if Bath and Body opens at 9, I'll go there, too.

The dh did say he'd take me to see Friday the 13th tonight, but I'm not sure. On the one hand, Padalecki. On the other hand....Jason.



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I was in the grocery store yesterday morning and realized, dang, it's Thursday, our Valentine party is TOMORROW and I hadn't gotten anything for my kids. I tutored after school, and apparently I was the last person to remember V Day because every place I went was wiped out. I ended up with V Day pencils and candy Valentines. I feel kinda cheap. And I usually get Cindi's kids something, even a V Day cookie, but this year....not happening.

I used to be all about the holidays. I'd get cards for everyone. I'd get them ahead of time. I'd get St. Patrick's Day cards, Easter cards, Grandparents' Day cards....Now I'm a last minute shopper, and I only get cards for birthdays and Christmas. I try to get a little something for the kids and the teachers (I got adorable journals for the teachers for V Day), but it's usually panicky last minute stuff instead of thought-out, like it used to be.

What about you? Big holiday celebrator? Some more than others?

2 more guest blogs to write, some stuff to read for critique, and then I can write the Texas book.



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So I sent DLB to TWRP yesterday for round 2. Hope they like it. I hardly changed any plot stuff, but it was really hard. Apparently my new method is to go through, go back, go through, go back, like waves.

I was so excited to be done. I was going to get a couple of blog posts knocked out and get going on the Texas book again-poor people are still standing on the edge of the river wanting to cross (literally). Instead I decided to organize my taxes.

I had no filing system last year. None. I was on the couch all evening sorting it out, from before 7 until after 9:30. My back was killing me.

I spent over $300 on promo, $400 on books, less than $100 on postage (not nearly as many contests, and email subs), and over $300 on stuff for school! That's a record.

Did anyone catch Jared on The Bonnie Hunt Show? He was very sweet. Looked nervous, though. He talked about his mom. Awww.

Okay, going to try to get a blog post in before I have to go to work.



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Remember that talk I gave for the Latino Writer Society back in November? How stressed I was? Well, it did have a ripple effect. I went to Barnes and Noble to talk to their CSM about carrying Hot Shot. She was a bit discouraging when I introduced myself. She asked if I knew how many authors asked to be carried in the store. I kind of laughed it off, saying, "Who knew San Antonians were so prolific?" But she agreed to take my info, and I gave her the postcard I had written everything on. She glanced at my name and recognized it from the time I spoke at the Latino Writer Society! After that she was much more encouraging, talking to me about participating in a booksigning in April and everything. So, hey, paid off!

AND I finished my revisions on DLB. I'm going to sleep on them and send them back to the editor in the AM. So since I'm back working on the Texas historical.....


A Blogging Fool

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I went a little nuts earlier this year, when I knew Hot Shot would be out. I signed on to guest blog at several different sites and now I'm trying to figure out witty things to talk about!

Here's my schedule:

Friday the 13th-Supernatural Sisters-recap of "Yellow Fever"

Sunday the 15th-Samhain-promoting Hot Shot

Monday-The Romance Studio-no idea

Tuesday-Supernatural Sisters (I think about the Impala)
Wet Noodle Posse-best on-screen kisses

Thursday-Delle Jacobs's blog-firefighters as heroes
I Read Romance-no idea

Friday-I Do Not Want to Wait for the Book, I Want It Now-already turned in interview

Tuesday the 24th-Samhellion-no idea
Rose Marie Wolf-no idea
Supernatural Sisters-Winchesters and Women, I think

Then the following Monday I'm lecturing at the PRO Bootcamp on rejection, the following Friday I'm back on the Samhellion, then the next two Mondays, I'm guest blogging, and the following Thursday, also with a Supernatural Sisters blog every week.

Is there any doubt why I'm losing my mind? Also, ideas would be greatly appreciated. I did a post on layers, not sure if I want to do that one on the Romance Studio, I Read Romance or Samhellion.

I have 40 pages to go in my DLB revisions!

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Goals for Week of Valentine's Day

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Didn't get to go to the JDM movie, couldn't find anyone to go with me. The dh did fix his computer, then mine had trouble with Word. Still I met my goal for revisions on DLB. This week:

1) Finish DLB revisions
2) Write 4 guest blog posts and a lecture
3) Plan school signing
4) Plan Borders booksigning
5) Faculty meeting
6) Get paperwork ready to do taxes
7) Keep that path open
8) Exercise

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The dh's laptop isn't working. AGAIN. Same problem as last time.

The dryer smells funny.

We never got the desktop fixed.

Can't do taxes until the dh sees a lawyer about his mom's stuff.

Dh is sick.

Y'know, a black cat did cross my path this week....

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Blog Topics

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Today was good....starting with getting through a chapter of revisions before school, then getting a call from one of my kids, asking what kind of breakfast taco I like. She brought me two! Mmmm.

I realize I have THREE different guest blogs I'm doing this month, and I have NO idea what to talk about. Any ideas?

I have the windows open and can probably leave them open all weekend. Don't hate me.

Haven't heard from Trish. Very worried.

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What's Wrong with Nice Guys?

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I'm listening to Can You Keep a Secret, where the heroine breaks up with her boyfriend, who loves her and wants a commitment, after she meets sexy American Jack Harper. I felt really bad for Connor, who really loved her, though she understands he's not the guy for her.

Then I watched Vicky Cristina Barcelona again and the main character Vicky (not heroine, you notice) is engaged to a man who does love her though he's very concerned with outward trappings....very like Connor from the book. Vicky becomes very confused when she meets sexy, free-spirited Spaniard. Her behavior isn't fair to her nice, shallow guy.

As I'm revising Surface, I have to work on the scene where my heroine has to leave the nice guy who helped her get over my hero, her ex-husband. I feel sorry for Jonathan, because he did love has and was ready to give her the life she thought she wanted.

So what's wrong with good guys? Is it just that they don't work in fiction, or do women just overlook them? And what happens in the long run?

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Healing thoughts and prayers, please

Trish's mom is in the Cardiac Care Unit in Nashville and JoAnn's mom is going in for a third back surgery. Say a prayer for the ladies and their daughters!

More Books I'm Looking Forward to Reading

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I went to Borders to talk to the CRM about carrying my book. The guy was so nice! He said he'd see what he could do, and he said if I wanted to do a booksigning I could give him a call.

I got my author copies of In the Hunt, the Supernatural book of essays I'm part of. Better yet, a check!


Which is good, because there are more books I want to read.

The first two are inspirationals, not my usual choice, but the first is set in Medjugorje, which has always held a fascination for me. The Virgin is said to have appeared there to children in our lifetime, and I always wanted to go.


The second is a historical by my buddy Jane Myers Perrine. Isn't this cover gorgeous?


Then Toni Anderson's book came out, and I gotta read it.


And now my new glom author, Lisa Kleypas!



I have the new SEP at the library and I'm also loving the Sophie Kinsella I'm reading.

What are you reading? And when am I going to find time to read???

I'm blogging today at Supernatural Sisters about Jared and San Antonio.

Oh, and I realized I never posted a pic of Mama Kitty. Here she is.


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