Blog Anniversary

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I think I missed my two year blog anniversary, 800 and something posts - am I chatty or what?

Well, I'm wearing my school shirt for the last time this year. I've set the alarm clock for the last time. I have Mr. Allen's going away gift, though I need a bigger bag, and I need to work on my speech. My room is mostly packed, today the kids are just watching videos (and yes, I mean videos because while the school bought DVD players, they don't work with our TVS.) It actually works out well, because the kids hadn't seen movies like Hercules and Tarzan. Our favorite, though, is Tiny Toons How I Spent My Summer Vacation. It's dated but a hoot. We've been singing the song all week. "We're waiting for the clock to strike three! When it's three o'clock, we'll be free! Then it's adios Loon-iversity! Summertime is coming finally!"

I have a stack of movies ready to watch, a stack of books ready to read, a house ready to be cleaned (wait a minute!)

I have a bunch of SARAs ready to jump in on a Book in a Month with me.

I need to go get my last tank of gas, though!

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Too Soon

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I know I've been counting down to summer for a month (or more), but all of a sudden it's too soon. I cried last night and today at the awards ceremony and again tonight. I know part is just that I'm so TIRED, but I'm really going to miss these kids. Two years forms a real bond, and it's hard to let go.

The good thing is that Cindi and her husband are going to 5th grade, so the two of them will have half my class. I think they'll love them, and take care of them for me.

I'm of course looking forward to my free time. I challenged my chapter to a Book in a Month, along the lines of Nano, only you don't have to start with a new book, or even just work on one book. So far I have over a dozen people ready to play with me.

I'm also thinking about making a summer reading program for myself, you know, glom a certain kind of book each week. Maybe read Noodler books the first week, and historicals another, and Intrigues another, and writing books another. I just don't know if I read fast enough anymore for it to make much of a difference.

Still my favorite time of year....all the possibilities of summer in front of me.

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Classifying My Work

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Apparently I was bored the other day, and I started labeling my stories. Some of my stories fit more than one category, so don't think I've written a kabillion books, just 18 or so.

Incomplete - 2 - Worth Bargaining For and Breaking Daylight

Not even typed - 3 - Ghost Hunters, Pride's Fall and an untitled single dad story

Need revisions - 5 - Vanished, Pride's Fall, Ghost Hunters, Spy Girl, Second Chances

Military heroes - 4 - Daughter of the Bride, Pride's Fall, Don't Look Back, Breaking Daylight

Reunion - 2 - Second Chances, Beneath the Surface

Friends to Lovers - 2 - Vanished, Where There's Smoke

cop heroes - 3 - Second Chances, Heart of a Knight, Devil in Disguise

Bad Boy Heroes - 3 - Devil in Disguise, Spy Girl, Breaking Daylight

Romantic Suspense - 5 - Heart of a Knight, Devil in Disguise, Vanished, Second Chances, Worth Bargaining For

Romantic Adventure - 4 - Hot Shot, Beneath the Surface, Don't Look Back, Breaking Daylight

Stories with kids - 4 - Pride's Fall, single dad story, Earth and Heaven, Spy Girl

Stories with hospital scenes - 3 - Hot Shot, Spy Girl, Don't Look Back

Stories with dance scenes - 7 - Simple Life, Where There's Smoke, Daughter of the Bride, Pride's Fall, Breaking Daylight, Spy Girl and yes, even Ghost Hunters!

Straight romance (no romantic suspense, I mean, because all my books are hetero) - 5 - Pride's Fall, Earth and Heaven, Simple Life, single dad, Daughter of the Bride

Clearly I love writing dance scenes. What do you love to write?

Okay, off to HEB to pick up a cake for one of the teachers' birthdays. Have a great Memorial Day!

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Why I Only Slept 4 Hours and TV Friends

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Storms rolled through last night. At about 5:30 we heard frantic barking outside our window.

We'd left the dog out. Poor Stormy! So I got up to get her in, but she wouldn't come, and then the dh got up and so I'm up and he's back asleep on the couch, as is the dog.

I'm wiiiiide awake, and hungry, but don't want to wake the dh just yet.

We're going to see Pirates today! I sure wish I hadn't seen all those "meh" posts about it, though.

I've been thinking about TV characters, and who on TV you'd want for a friend in real life.

There aren't that many.

Of course, the Winchester boys from Supernatural, though you know Dean would never keep in contact.

Hurley and Charlie on LOST, maybe Claire and Sun. Rose and Bernard. To me, Kate's a cool girl, who may or may not want to be friends.

Maybe Bailey on Grey's. You know she'd be honest with you. I thought Addison was cool till her spinoff pilot, then she turned out to be wimp-girl.

No one in Blood Ties.

Maybe Dresden.

No one in 24.

Lorelei, Luke and Rory from Gilmore Girls. And Lane.

Claire, Peter, Hiro and Ando in Heroes.

Pam, Jim and Toby in The Office.

What do you think? Which TV characters would be good friends?

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I was thinking yesterday about getting my kids something as a rememberance, since we've had 2 years together. I wanted to get them bookmarks that fit their personalities, or books, or something along those lines. Kinda expensive, though, so I'm open to ideas.

I wonder how my kids will remember me. I was thinking about my own teachers, and what I took from each of them.

Mrs. Anz was my kindergarten teacher. I remember coloring with fat crayons that were flat on one side, singing "The Colors of the Rainbow," looking out the windows that lined one wall, and Heidi throwing up in the sink by the door.

Every day.

Mrs. Anz died just recently.

Miss Nelson was my first grade teacher. She was young and pretty and wore her hair in a bouffant and liked sleeveless dresses. I remember sitting in rows, learning handwriting and standing in the corner for talking to a boy. Yes, even then.

Mrs. Gilbreath was my second grade teacher. I don't remember much because we left for about 6 weeks to live in California with my grandparents while my dad went to computer school. These days, I'd be repeating second grade.

Mrs. Dubois was my third grade teacher. I missed ONE spelling word that year - I wrote "then" instead of "than." We made clay mosaics and fired them in a kiln. We had a student teacher, who did a unit on Hawaii and we had a luau, complete with sugar cane. Which the teachers couldn't cut. So they squeezed sugar juice into our hands!

Miss Gerard was my 4th grade teacher. She was so beautiful, with long auburn curls, and she was the first teacher I had who wore slacks. She knew I loved Little House on the Prairie, so we did a unit on it. I remember covering the walls of the closet with a mural of the books.

Miss Moen was one of my FAVORITE all time teachers. She wore leisure suits every day, no make-up, but she had animals in the classroom. One corner of the room was a stage, and she had hooded rats named Laverne and Shirley (their colors matched!), birds, hamsters, etc. I remember looking for my assignment every week on her chart, which she organized with clothespins with our names on them. I remember the counselor gave puppet shows on the stage, with really cool puppets, and I remember all the 5th grade teachers getting together and having the students as teacher for a day. We would choose one skill we knew, and we were assigned to teach it on a certain day. Several of us were teaching at one time, so the other kids would sign up for who they wanted to learn from. I taught sign language. It was a really valuable lesson.

Miss Moen retired a couple of years ago. I know, because when I was trying to get out of the School from Hell, I applied at that school and she was still there.

I would be remiss not to mention our librarian, whose name I don't remember, sadly. But every week in summer, she would open the library one morning. And you know every week I was there, sometimes to check out old favorites, sometimes to check out something new. But it was so cool walking into the cool library, in the center of the school, and the place was so quiet. I can even smell the ink she'd use to stamp the books. I would come home and devour those books.

I'm not going to list my middle school teachers - that was a rough time. I was back at the Catholic school, against my will, where I'd gone to kindergarten and my parents were divorcing.

But I have to name three of my favorite high school teachers.

The first is Miss Stephens. She was a hippie chick with long red hair and an easy going attitude. She was instrumental in forming the Creative Writing Club, where I was a founding member. The club still exists today. She used that interest to form a creative writing class, and I learned a lot from her. She probably learned a lot more about me!

Mr. Ruth was the government teacher. He was an older man who wore plaid pants. I remember because we HATED plaid pants, the Sign of the Prep. But he was such a nice easygoing man, and he adored us. He always had a smile, which I imagine was a trick teaching seniors.

But my favorite all time teacher was Doris Pollock. If she EVER googles her name, I hope she finds me and gets in touch. I want her to know I'm writing. I had Mrs. Pollock 2 years, sophomore and senior. She was always available in the morning to chat, and when I told her I had a crush on someone, she put us in pairs, me with my crush. She was cheery and a bit flighty, but such a joy.

I do remember her breaking up a public display of affection (ahem) and being shocked it was me.

And I remember my friend Cora, a huge Adam and the Ants fan, taking a look at her vocabulary list and seeing the word "adamant" and saying, "Mrs. Pollock! Look! ADAM ANT!"

Good teachers make all the difference. My son had one this year and one last year that he loved enough to consider being a teacher himself.

I hope my kids take away some part of me with them.

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My beloved principal announced yesterday he's moving to a new school - not his choice. Stupid politics, stupid test scores, whatever the reason, I'm just sick about it. Not only do I love this man and the environment he's created on campus, but I'm terrified, in a way you can only be when you've had a Boss from Hell, of who will replace him. So, yes, I'm up at 1:30, unable to sleep.

Today's our field day and it's pouring. Looks like it will rain all weekend. Mom and I are going to a flower show (indoors) tomorrow, and the dh's sister's son is getting confirmed on Sunday, so I don't know when I'm going to get to see Pirates.

Did anyone see Supernatural? It was the season opener for this year, and there were two bits that I don't remember being in the original airing. One was when the reaper told Dean it was a hero's death and he said he'd pass on the 72 virgins because he wasn't really into prude chicks, and the other was when John was making the deal with the demon and the demon said there was something he wanted as much as the Colt, maybe more. As I remember, it left off originally at, "You need to sweeten the pot." Am I crazy? Wait, maybe I shouldn't ask that question....

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Contest Finals and Season Finales (Lost spoilers)

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Tuesday night I got a call from Fire and Ice that Breaking Daylight got honorable mention. I know it's an honor just to final, but...well, I've never gotten HM before.

YESTERDAY, I got home from the field trip (very nice - the movie was Hurricane on the Bayou and it was awesome, ate too much because we decided to take the kids for Haagen Dazs) to an email that Breaking Daylight placed FIRST in Spring into Romance! YAY! It was a Berkley judge. I can see myself at Berkley! Strangely, my first instinct was to tell my no-longer-my-agent-agent, so I guess I need to FINISH the book and do the legwork myself.


LOST last night - WOW WOW WOW. I LOVED it! The dh, as usual, figured out it was a flash-forward. I argued it couldn't be because Jack's dad was alive. I loved Sawyer killing Mr. Friendly, and Hugo and the bus, and the anguish of not knowing if the Others had killed Sayid, Jin and Bernard. Jack's scraggly beard drove me batty, though.

Questions raised - why would Locke kill Naomi and not Jack, if he was that desperate?

Who was in the coffin??

Why didn't Charlie swim OUT, then close the door?

The ds got mad at me because I complained about the Heroes season being, "Peter's going to explode, Peter's going to explode," and in the end he exploded. LOST was "Charlie's gonna die, Charlie's gonna die," and in the end he died. Why didn't that bother me as much? Because they surprised me in other ways?

Okay, so season finale grades (not season, just finales)


Gilmore Girls - A

The Office - A (I even have a Schrute buck!)

Supernatural - B

Heroes - C

Grey's - F


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I just made my son's last lunch for the school year, and I'm a little sad. Why, you ask? I mean, I hate making lunches! But next year, who knows what will happen? He'll be a junior, he may decide to start buying lunch - this may be the last time I ever make him lunch.

The countdown has commenced. 47 more hours with the kids. One more field trip, 2 more days of kids working, one more Monday, one more Friday. I started bringing home my personal items yesterday, my bookshelf, my plants, my baskets. I bought totes to pack up other stuff, but even that won't be enough. So 8 more days till freedom, but till then....

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Elizabeth tagged me and this one’s easy!

The Little-Known Favorites Meme Rules:

List and describe three of your favorite books that other people might not be familiar with. Then tag five people. See, easy!

Three…okay. I’ve already told you about 2 of my favorite books from when I was a kid, and I think I’ve probably mentioned Winter Roses and Eileen Rendahl on here a time or two, so let me think of three new ones.

Okay, when I went to my keeper shelf, I couldn’t stop at 3.

This one’s back in my TBR.

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It’s a WW2 set story, on Corrigador, an island in the Pacific that was used as a hospital in the war, the same setting as the Claudette Colbert movie SO PROUDLY WE HAIL. It’s about a nurse and a soldier and all I remember is that part of it is in Australia, but I LOVE this book, and I’m rereading it this summer.

This is actually a series.

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It’s a series of cozy mysteries with two elderly sisters solving the crimes. It’s set in Birmingham, AL, and when we went through last summer, I wanted SO bad to see the statue of Vulcan that the narrator sister talks about. There’s a great cast of characters, and these are some of the funniest books I’ve ever read. Sadly, Anne George has died, so no more books.

This is my favorite baby book of all time.

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Yes, I know Emily, and yes, I remember how hard it was for her to get this Golden Heart finalist sold, and I still have my I HEART TABITHA t-shirt. I had it as an ARC, too. I wasn’t prepared to love it as much as I did, though. It’s a best friend story, and the tension is just delicious. Sam was awesome. Oh. My. God.

Speaking of majorly hot heroes….

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Virginia Kantra is an all-time favorite author, a definite auto-buy. Talk about emotional depth! Sean was the youngest brother in the McNeill series, and wow, was he amazing. Virginia was a Golden Heart finalist, too, with Matthew Dunn, though, I think. I LOVED her SIMs.

As a rule, I dislike waifish heroines, but the heroine in Saving Dr. Ryan has a spine of steel.

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She shows up on Ryan’s doorstep, about to give birth, her other children in tow. Ryan is slowly won over by her ways and it’s just so romantic.

This is one of the sexiest books I’ve ever read, and I think the love scene is way late in the book.

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But the tension leading up to it is incredible, and the focus Rik gives Annie, a researcher who needs to stay on his farm while investigating an old mystery, is sexy as hell. This is a book I read, then turned back to page one and read again.

Okay, I tag Trish, Michele, Jill, Natalie and Mary Beth!


Baby Brother graduated last night as valedictorian. The chemistry teacher introduced him and said lovely things about him. The overall graduation was only an hour, but it took another hour to find everyone and take pictures. It was a crush. It's a small high school, so they could bring as many people to graduation as they wanted, and so they did. We got there at 5 to save seats for the thing at 6. Some other ladies almost got into a fight when 2 came into a row, MOVED the other ladies' purses and sat down.

Yes, this is a Catholic High School.

Here's Baby Brother.

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Here's Healing Brother, Step-Dad and BB (I love this picture.) Healing Brother told Mom, "At least you have one smart son," and my step-dad, who loves HB like crazy, said, "No, we have two." HB was a little embarrassed that as we were making our way through the crowd, he kept getting mistaken for BB's dad. He's old enough, but barely.

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This picture took a lot of work to get all 4 paying attention. I have 5 such pictures and can almost make a flip book. That's SIL, HB, DH and DS.

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The proud parents.

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The proud sister (who decided to get a hair cut yesterday and lost about 20 pounds of hair - too short!). And yes, that's my favorite top, the same one from my GH picture. We won't talk about how long I've had it!

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Better picture of the hair ;)

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More on Grey's and Season Finales

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So I'm thinking about Grey's - I haven't talked to one person who liked the season finale. I mean, last year I was STILL crying about the season finale. Here's where I think they messed up:

They killed Denny. Why didn't he live, he and Izzy could have had a ton of conflict this year, but you also would have seen him come home from the hospital, and their first time together would have been amazing. The man was just so focused on her.

Barring that, they needed to make Alex her love interest. Alex would have let her mourn, but he also would have snapped her back to reality. He never feels worthy of love (witness Ava) and would have had a ton of conflict with living in Denny's shadow.

They ruined Cristina and Burke. Cristina and Burke always had the best scenes together, the dancing when he found out she kept her apt, the hospital bed when she miscarried. You think he's going to give up on her on their wedding day?

And Derek and Meredith....not my favorite, but after she almost died and he was crying in the hall, and then he tells her she's the love of his life so SHE has to end it? What crap.

I'm not even going to touch George and Callie.

I did love the chief and his wife, though. But Bailey should be chief resident, not Callie. Sheesh. And Izzy should have failed the exam, not George.

I haven't rewatched Supernatural, but I'm reading a lot of posts about it that have me thinking. I did watch NEXT with Nicolas Cage last night and it blew. Jessica Biel's motivation for EVERYTHING was nonexistent.

Trish doesn't get Alex, so maybe this will help!

TV and the Internet

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I was thinking I wouldn't have watched Buffy and Angel if not for the Internet. I heard about Supernatural in TV Guide, and once I'd heard Denny was on....

But I'm also wondering how much effect the Internet has on the TV writers. For example, on Lost, people hated Paolo and whatshername, so the writers killed them. On Supernatural, fans were tired of the mytharc, so Kripke ended it (??) last night.

Now if only Shonda would listen and put the real Izzy back on the show.

Do you think TV writers now are getting too much feedback and responding to it? Do you think it makes the shows better, or should they stick with their own visions?

And what did you think of the finales last night? I loved The Office, HATED Grey's and am undecided about Supernatural. That was all the John we got? Seriously?

Oh, and if anyone finds just the picture of Justin in the glasses below, send it to me!!!


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Why I Love Gilmore Girls

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Yesterday, between school and SARA, I watched an episode from season one of Gilmore Girls. I was still on a high from the series finale, so was cautious about going back, but this episode was wonderful. Rory had gone to a dance with Dean, had fallen asleep and not come home. Lorelei's mom was staying with her because Lorelei had hurt her back and when Rory didn't come home, Lorelei's mom jumped all over Lorelei, who defended Rory, until the mom left, and then she whipped around on Rory, hurting, scared, and embarrassed.

It felt so real. The first season is feeling like that for me. You see more of Lorelei's raw emotions, her worry for Rory, her own hurt when Rory forms a bond of her own with Lorelei's judgemental parents, her terror that Rory will indeed make the same mistakes Lorelei made.

But even in that reality, there's a safety net. You know they're going to be okay because of what they are to each other.

Most people at school have never even heard of the Gilmore Girls, or Supernatural. Sad, sad, sad. I think the Internet has influenced my TV watching as much as it influences my reading. What shows do you watch because of the Internet?

TONIGHT! Big Season Finales!!

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Season Finales

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And it is black raspberry. I went slightly insane at Bath and Body yesterday - NEVER give me a coupon, seriously.

Last night’s Gilmore Girls was spot-on perfect for a series finale. You had Rory/Lorelei time and Rory/Laine time and Friday night dinner and Emily/Lorelei sparring and ALL of Stars Hollow, and the kiss. The ONLY complaint I had was that they didn’t linger long enough on the kiss. Sigh. And considering I haven't seen season 7 yet, I just thought it fit well with the series.

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Last week we had the Jericho season finale that ended with Daddy dyin’ and Jake and Emily kissing and a train coming, airplanes and lots of gunfire. I would have had Mama raising hell, or Daddy not dying at all, but otherwise I thought it was great.

Tomorrow night we have The Office, Supernatural and Grey’s season finales.

I have no idea what’s going to go on with The Office. Last year we had the kiss with Jim and Pam, but that doesn’t seem to be the direction this year ☹ I miss that chemistry.

Grey’s will be the wedding for Cristina and Burke. You know Callie’s going to figure out the Izzy/George thing (such a shark jumper, I’m telling you), and Addison will be leaving. The chief’s estranged wife is bleeding in the bathroom, so that will be addressed. I think he’ll remain chief. What about Jane Doe and Alex? And McDreamy and Meredith? Peace with her father?

Then Supernatural – SAMMY!!!! Daddy will be there (YAYYYYYYYY!!!!!), Dean is devastated. I wish Ava had lived instead of Jake. Will the Yellow Eyed Demon be done this season? Will we know how Mary knew him? Was she in the other generation of psychics? How will they save Sammy, and what will John do?

If you could write a season finale for any show, which would you write for? And what would it be about? What loose ends would you tie up? Would you leave it as a cliff-hanger, or a feel-good ending?

I wrote 674 words last night during timed writing, and apparently I've started my summer schedule. I went to bed at 11 and woke up later than usual. I may not have to go on the field trip but stay behind with the behavior problems. You know I hate field trips when I'd rather stay behind with the behavior problems!

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Stress at the post office

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So I took yesterday off because I've been a bit stressed at school. So how did I chill?

By going to the post office.

I arrived at 8:30 after dropping The Boy off at school. The line was through the doors, and only 3 windows were open, but I was determined to mail my Superromance.

15 minutes later, the SAME PEOPLE were still at the window! One older lady was questioning the price of EVERY stamp and why it was needed and I swear, the lady waiting on her deserves a medal. The next window was a guy mailing stuff he sold on eBay. The third window was a guy mailing HUGE packages that he clearly intended to coat in Priority Mail tape. Honestly, the ripping sound, over and over again, as he waited for someone to find the paperwork to insure his mail. Both he and eBay guy were waiting for that.

Two people left.

Three other people were helped by some guy who worked in the passport office, which had a line of its own.

After Big Package guy left, his clerk decided to move to another counter. Which took the whole rest of the time I was there.

FINALLY at five till nine, I get to the line where eBay guy had been. Of course, this was the crankiest of the three clerks. I told her I needed an IRC. Thankfully, she knew what one was, but had to go to the back to look for one. Before she went, she said they'd increased in price to $2, and did I still want one. Uh, I just stood in line for TWENTY FIVE minutes. YES.

Then the news camera came in, clearly hoping for someone in the now-doubly long line to go postal. No, really, they were there about the rate hike, but remember, I was taking a sick day. Also, I was dressed in yoga pants and a writer shirt, no make up and my hair pinned up rather haphazardly. I tried nonchalance as I rested my face on my hand, trying to disguise myself.

Ten minutes later, I walk out after paying $6.66 to mail the package.

I do not have a good feeling about this.

So I went to Lowe's and bought 3 rose bushes.

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This Week

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This is what I'm doing today. I took the day off because this is the Week from Hell. I have SARA, two testing days, one field trip, one carnival and one graduation. And yesterday we had a surprise party for my mom that went pretty well, considering my step-dad didn't follow The Plan. See, he was supposed to pretend to take her to dinner for Mother's Day. Instead, he left, saying he was going to Healing Brother's. Baby Brother left, ostensibly to go hang out with his friends. Then my stepdad called and told me to call Mom, tell her to come over because Cindi and her baby would be here.

Um, why would they come on Mother's Day? I needed a bigger incentive.

A plant sale.

Even that would be tricky because of the time, 4:30. My mom doesn't like to do things in the afternoon, and if she thought about looking up what time it closed, she'd know it was too late. But surprisingly, it worked.

My stepdad showed up just after I hung up, then she called him, and he went outside so she wouldn't know where he was. Then Healing Brother showed up, and Mom pulled in just then. The look on her face was priceless, but she almost started to cry when her brother and SIL showed up, and then finally Baby Brother. So it turned out great.

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And today I'm kicking back. I need to do laundry and wash another load of dishes and take my Superromance package to the main post office, but that's it. I plan to write 5 pages, watch Black Hawk Down and read. I hope it's as pretty today as it was yesterday.

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Happy Mother's Day!

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I wrote 3 pages, read a field guide to demons, did Weed and Feed on the yard, cleaned both bathrooms, went to WalMart (good bye, $235, hello new underwear), HEB (good bye, $120, hello dinners for the week and party stuff) and the post office (good bye, $30 and no IRCs - gah!), sent two more agent queries and watched 4 episodes of Point Pleasant. Just when it was getting good, I put in disc 3 and it was cracked! Bummer.

Today I have to sweep. The dh is barbecuing, and I need to make potato casserole, but that's easy. I also want to try to get in 3 pages.

Have a happy Mother's Day, all you mommies!

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Parties and Goals

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Today would be my grandmother's 95th birthday. I miss her.

Yesterday was Mom's 60th. We're surprising her tomorrow. I wanted to do it tonight, but Baby Brother has Commitments. Boy is way too social. So I'm running to WalMart and the grocery store now, then the post office, then cleaning. Fortunately, it's still mostly clean from my party.

I saw Grey's last night - bleh. If not for Alex, I'd be done. Watched last week's Supernatural again. Still love it.

My goal today is 5 new pages. The good news is I'm ITCHING to write!

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Batting .500

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The .500 streak for Beneath the Surface continues. I got a request for a partial and a rejection yesterday from the two equeries. Also, it didn't final in 4 Seasons, so I'm entering a different book in the Maggies ;)

Today's goal: prepare Maggie entry, get to the post office (3 partials and one contest entry to mail - if I hadn't given up contests while I was agented, maybe they wouldn't have had to have a rate hike!), get MIL's Mother's Day gift and Mom's bday gift. She's 60 today.

I took the kids out yesterday, took their pictures and planned to make picture frames for Mother's Day yesterday, but they took forEVER on their science, and then 11 of them went to decorate cakes for their moms, so I was left with 7. Those 7 did their science project, so that's what the rest will do today. We'll do one math assignment, then spend the rest of the day on Mother's Day, science and finishing up King Arthur. I want to take off Monday, but I don't know.....

It was a GORGEOUS day yesterday....till I came home. The clouds were rolling in, and as soon as the boy walked in the door, it started thundering, then rained like crazy! At least it's nice and cool this AM, though it's supposed to rain today and tomorrow, too.

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I sent 2 agent equeries yesterday and have a partial printed out to send when I hit the post office. I also sent a query to The Wild Rose Press on one of my category books. Today's goal is to send something to my chapter's online critique.

Yesterday I had a meeting at my old school. I've only been back once in the three years since I left. The Princibitch isn't there anymore, but I had a knot in my stomach all day thinking about going back. I did get to talk to the secretary for half an hour - I always liked Betty.

But the weirdness is the Princibitch was at my school yesterday. My kids just happened to be working quietly, my door was open because of AC difficulties, and I heard Robert down the hall talking to someone. When he said something about his 5-year-old, and I heard the reply, I sent Jeremiah to close the door and I moved out of eye-shot of the door. The woman is pure poison, lemme tell you.

Onto lighter things.

Jericho's season finale was AWESOME. OMG. I don't get the anti-Emily bit, because she was great with Jake last night.

LOST surprised me, for the first time in a long time. And how did such a cute little kid grow up to be such an ugly bug eyed man? Can't wait for next week!

And tonight - SUPERNATURAL!!!

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