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I was thinking I wouldn't have watched Buffy and Angel if not for the Internet. I heard about Supernatural in TV Guide, and once I'd heard Denny was on....

But I'm also wondering how much effect the Internet has on the TV writers. For example, on Lost, people hated Paolo and whatshername, so the writers killed them. On Supernatural, fans were tired of the mytharc, so Kripke ended it (??) last night.

Now if only Shonda would listen and put the real Izzy back on the show.

Do you think TV writers now are getting too much feedback and responding to it? Do you think it makes the shows better, or should they stick with their own visions?

And what did you think of the finales last night? I loved The Office, HATED Grey's and am undecided about Supernatural. That was all the John we got? Seriously?

Oh, and if anyone finds just the picture of Justin in the glasses below, send it to me!!!


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Trish Milburn said...

LOL! I love that cat picture with its tag line. All the cat needs is a red cape.

I think TV writers can take audience reaction into account but not necessarily follow those suggestions. But the fan reaction could be one of many variables they consider when they sit down to hash out episodes. Just like when romance writers enter contests for feedback -- they should take and apply what speaks to them as good ideas and ignore the rest.

Anonymous said...

I wish the writers on JERICH had listened to me about Emily. *g* And I hope the writers on CSI have killed off Sara.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree about Grey's. UGH! It sucked! She's ruined every one of the characters. They're completely random now, totally unmotivated. I'm giving it a chance next season, but if something doesn't change, I won't be tuning in.
I don't know if the Internet makes a difference to the writers or not. I heard it saved Buffy. I started watching after some magazine called it the best show on TV that no one was watching.

MJFredrick said...

Trish, you're right, writers need to figure out what's best for the show instead of trying to please everyone! I'm anxious to see where they'll go with Lost now that they have an end date. Those writers seem most susceptible. I haven't watched the special yet, though.

Tori, LOL on poor Emily! Which is Sara on CSI, the one who used to be on ER?

Mary Beth, I didn't watch Buffy till my friend Elizabeth wouldn't stop talking about it. She's also the one who got me to read Outlander. Firefly had a big following online, too.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if Sara was ever on ER or not. But she's the one who's sleeping with Grissom and that is just wrong on so many levels. *g*

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Actually, Eric Kripke said since the beginning of the season that the YED mytharc was going to be resolved by the end of this season, but that ending was going to open up a whole new world of problems for the boys.

Where the Internet discussions DID help was that originally Alona Tal (Jo) was going to be a love interest for Dean. There was no chemistry and it made no one happy so they changed it.

MJFredrick said...

I'd forgotten about Jo - I'm so glad they changed it. No chemistry!


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