Contest Finals and Season Finales (Lost spoilers)

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Tuesday night I got a call from Fire and Ice that Breaking Daylight got honorable mention. I know it's an honor just to final, but...well, I've never gotten HM before.

YESTERDAY, I got home from the field trip (very nice - the movie was Hurricane on the Bayou and it was awesome, ate too much because we decided to take the kids for Haagen Dazs) to an email that Breaking Daylight placed FIRST in Spring into Romance! YAY! It was a Berkley judge. I can see myself at Berkley! Strangely, my first instinct was to tell my no-longer-my-agent-agent, so I guess I need to FINISH the book and do the legwork myself.


LOST last night - WOW WOW WOW. I LOVED it! The dh, as usual, figured out it was a flash-forward. I argued it couldn't be because Jack's dad was alive. I loved Sawyer killing Mr. Friendly, and Hugo and the bus, and the anguish of not knowing if the Others had killed Sayid, Jin and Bernard. Jack's scraggly beard drove me batty, though.

Questions raised - why would Locke kill Naomi and not Jack, if he was that desperate?

Who was in the coffin??

Why didn't Charlie swim OUT, then close the door?

The ds got mad at me because I complained about the Heroes season being, "Peter's going to explode, Peter's going to explode," and in the end he exploded. LOST was "Charlie's gonna die, Charlie's gonna die," and in the end he died. Why didn't that bother me as much? Because they surprised me in other ways?

Okay, so season finale grades (not season, just finales)


Gilmore Girls - A

The Office - A (I even have a Schrute buck!)

Supernatural - B

Heroes - C

Grey's - F


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Anonymous said...

Congrats, Mary!!! :)

Kelly Boyce said...

Congrats on the HM!

The coffin on Lost is driving me crazy and I heard the new season wasn't starting up until 2008. Argh!!

KATZ said...

Yay Mary!! Any word on whether it was requested?? I've heard that even if they don't request, you should send them a "thank-you" asking if they would like to read more...

I LOVED LOST! Definitely a flash forward -- dh and I came to agreement that drunk Jack mentioned "bringing his dad down", but they never showed the dad and the doctor didn't respond to that statement...
But it made me sad... you want to see them rescued and go on to happy lives, not know that they still end up miserable! And I want Ben to be WRONG, not right.

I think the Island is an alternate reality or pergatory -- and Jack's comment that he wanted the plane to crash so he could "get back there" helped confirm that theory to me...

I loved everything about Jack in that episode, even the beard.

Charlie SO did not have to die!! What about swimming out the port hole, even???

Dh thought it was a small coffin... so a child? Walt?
Sorry to be long-winded!! LOL

Toni Anderson said...

LOST was fab :) My DH was moaning though--he doesn't get things if they get too complicated, the poor soul. :)

Anonymous said...

The island ISN'T Purgatory. The producers vehemently deny that theory at every turn. They said on the "answers" show that everyone is alive and relatively well on the island.

Loved the season finale, but I do wonder what the deal was with the flash forward.

One thing I didn't pick up on but have read elsewhere, the name of the funeral home: Hoffs / Drawlar is an anagram for "flash forward".

And I loved that Hurley saved the day with his VW bus!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

That's right, Kelly, February 2008, then February 2009, then February 2010, 16 episodes at a time without reruns (but waaahhhh! too long!)

I think it was Locke in the coffin, because he tried to stop them from leaving the island.

As for Charlie--it's really easy for US to sit in our comfortable living rooms and say, "why didn't he---?" In the heat of the moment, it was obvious to him that he could close the door faster from the inside--he didn't know how much time he had before the grenade went off, or how much damage it would do. If it ripped off the wall, he'd never get the door closed. He'd already accepted that he was going to die, so his focus would be on protecting Des, not saving himself.

Now, that said, I'm a firm believer that the moment we saw him going still was the moment of giving up that happens RIGHT BEFORE the moment self-preservation kicks in and he realizes "Hey, I'm a little guy, I can fit through that porthole!" and he swims to safety. :) I'll believe that for the next nine months.

Congrats, Mary, on the first place!!!!!!!!

MJFredrick said...

Thanks on the congratulations! I have the editor's address and will definitely send her a thank you/query. I actually figured out, at 2 AM today, where I'm going to go with this book. It's so logical, why didn't I think of it before???

I initially thought Sawyer for the coffin, but now I think Locke. Interesting, Sarah, about Jack's dad - you're right! I'm with you wanting Ben to be wrong. And I want to know how he and Locke KNOW. I think the rest of the series is going to be very focused, though, now witht the end in sight.

I told Trish that I thought Charlie was already resigned to his destiny, which is why he closed the door, but she disagreed. The dh said that the laws of nature were broken (hello, we're talking LOST here) because the water wouldn't rise above the window. Hmm...hope for Charlie???


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