Why I Only Slept 4 Hours and TV Friends

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Storms rolled through last night. At about 5:30 we heard frantic barking outside our window.

We'd left the dog out. Poor Stormy! So I got up to get her in, but she wouldn't come, and then the dh got up and so I'm up and he's back asleep on the couch, as is the dog.

I'm wiiiiide awake, and hungry, but don't want to wake the dh just yet.

We're going to see Pirates today! I sure wish I hadn't seen all those "meh" posts about it, though.

I've been thinking about TV characters, and who on TV you'd want for a friend in real life.

There aren't that many.

Of course, the Winchester boys from Supernatural, though you know Dean would never keep in contact.

Hurley and Charlie on LOST, maybe Claire and Sun. Rose and Bernard. To me, Kate's a cool girl, who may or may not want to be friends.

Maybe Bailey on Grey's. You know she'd be honest with you. I thought Addison was cool till her spinoff pilot, then she turned out to be wimp-girl.

No one in Blood Ties.

Maybe Dresden.

No one in 24.

Lorelei, Luke and Rory from Gilmore Girls. And Lane.

Claire, Peter, Hiro and Ando in Heroes.

Pam, Jim and Toby in The Office.

What do you think? Which TV characters would be good friends?

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Anonymous said...

I'd be Dresden's friend. He might like someone who actually understood him and what he does, but doesn't sit on the White Council! :)


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'd like Claire, Peter, Hiro & Ando for friends. And Hurley, especially. I also love Rose & Bernard. Sayid is hot, but maybe just a tad too dangerous. Not Jack, for sure. I'd spend most of my time wanting to smack him.

I wouldn't mind being friends with Clark Kent & Chloe Sullivan from Smallville. Or Jimmy Olsen. Not Lois or Lana, though. I always want to smack them. *g*

Trish Milburn said...

I agree with Tori's picks. I just love Hurley. He cracks me up. Definitely the Winchester boys, the gang from Veronica Mars, the gang from Bones.

Anonymous said...

HUGS Mary. I hope evil principal days are far behind you.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Michael Scofield (Prison Break), because if he's friends with you, he'd die for you. And I'd be one of the rare ones not asking him to. :)

And I hope you went to see POTC despite the "meh" posts you saw on it. I loved it!

MJFredrick said...

Joanna, you're right about Dresden. He is a bit of a sad sack. I must read book 2!

Tori, LOL on wanting to smack Jack and Lois and Lana! I'd heard that about Lana.

Trish, I forgot about the squints. I don't think I'd like Tempest as a friend, but Angela, definitely. And Hodgins.

Thanks, Mary Beth. Rumor is we're getting my mom's VP, who's a power-hungry, faculty meeting loving something-something. Our current VP says she HOPES that's not true because they don't get along, which is saying a lot because Roseana seems to get along with everyone.

True on Michael Scofield, but he's a little too focused for me. I liked Pirates, didn't love it. Trying to follow it made my head hurt.


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