Yippee, Skippy! (No, not my favorite kitty)

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So, Wednesday rejection, Thursday I find out I finalled in Spring into Romance with Breaking Daylight! It's going to --- guess where? Berkley! The same place I was rejected!!

So, Trish and I have made a pact to do one thing toward getting published every day between now and National. I was making my list (because that's what I do.) Here's what I came up with. Can you think of anything I missed?

1) query agents

2) contest entries

3) write synopses

4) market research

5) read writing-related books

6) actually writing ;)

I haven't seen Supernatural yet - the Astros game preempted it. Honestly, could they play on a night BESIDES Thursday, because this is the second time. I'm tempted to watch it before work! I did, however, see Grey's. Be prepared for a serious rant on that tomorrow. All I'll say today is, my brother (he of the broken back) WISHES doctors cared that much!

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KATZ said...

Hugs on the R!!! Yay on the final!! What irony.

I remember reading BtS at contest Junkies, and it was fab. :)

You could add "practicing your pitch" to your list. Did you get any appointments at Nationals?

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I guess if life is going to throw stuff at you, at least it's balancing it.



(See what the hell I'm talking about on my blog today :)

Tawny said...

Hmmm... I tagged you too, I wonder if its the same tag? I checked Trish's and saw she hadn't so I ran with it. Ooops LOL.

Btw-- what about adding brainstorming premise ideas to your list? So you have a pile of ideas to pitch at random? Network and set up appts and hookups for the conference?

MJFredrick said...

Thanks, Sarah! Yes, I got an appointment with Warner and with the new agent at 3 Seas. Gah - I hate pitching.

Natalie, you're right - it balanced right out, didn't it?

LOL, Tawny, yep, same meme! Good idea about setting up appts for Dallas!

Toni Anderson said...

Mary--did I miss something? i thought you had an agent??

MJFredrick said...

Toni, as of this week, I don't anymore. We'd decided this would be the last of the submissions she'd make, and if no one bit, we'd part ways. So we've parted.

Toni Anderson said...

Ack--I'm sorry.


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