Movies I'm Looking Forward to in 2010

Okay, before we get started here, I'm very excited about the contest I'm holding to kick off the release of my new book next Tuesday, BREAKING DAYLIGHT. The contest will run from January 1 to January 5. I'll pick the winners every evening at 8 PM CST, and the grand prize winner at 8 PM CST on Tuesday.

Here's the deal. I have a fan page at Facebook now, and every day I'll draw from people who join my fan page. That person will get a pair of earrings from Distinctively DD, Marianne's daughter's shop (and I'll post pictures as soon as they arrive) and a lotion/bath thing from Bath and Body Works.

Every day I will also have something interactive, a poll or something, and from the commenters, over the five days, I will draw the grand prize, a necklace made by my aunt, who makes her own glass beads.


I need your help promoting the contest. I really really REALLY want to make the top ten list at My Bookstore and More. This week all the new releases made it. So if you're on Facebook, spread the word about my fan page, tweet, blog, and most of all, come over and comment so you can win!

Movies I’m Looking Forward to in 2010

1) Legion

2) Iron Man 2

3) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows


4) Percy Jackson and the Olympians

5) The Bounty Hunter (GERRY!)


6) Clash of the Titans

7) Red Dawn (JDM!)


8) The Resident (JDM!)


I know Michele is looking forward to Robin Hood and Trish is looking forward to Eclipse. What is everyone else excited about?


Books I'm Looking Forward to in 2010

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Books I’m Looking Forward To in 2010

Joss Ware’s new series


The new Supernatural novels



Family Man by Trish Milburn--I read this in manuscript form and it is WONDERFUL.


Winter Longing by Tricia Mills---first Trish book I’ve not read before it was published


Elisabeth Naughton’s new series, starting with MARKED in May


Disaster Status by Candace Calvert


Any you're looking forward to? Besides, you know, these two?

MJ Fredrick

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Best Books of 2009

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No way was I going to do best books of the decade...I couldn't whittle that list down!

So here are the best books I read in 2009. (NOTE: That I READ. I have a TON of books that I bought that I've not read yet. I didn't even read 50 books this year, how sad is that? Bought more, though. WAY more.) AND I bought 4 more yesterday--Joss Ware's first, Paula Graves's latest, Meg Benjamin's third and Courtney Milan's first.


Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan


9) A Love for Eternity by LM Gonzalez


8) Critical Care by Candace Calvert


7) Renegade by Natalie Damschroder


6) Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill


5) Can You Keep a Secret by Sophie Kinsella


4) Unlacing Miss Leigh by Diane Gaston


3) Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris


2) Black Hills by Nora Roberts


1) Blue Eyed Devil by Lisa Kleypas

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Best Movies of 2009 and the Decade and How Should I Spend my Christmas Money?

I saw Terminator Salvation last night and loved it. When it was over, I asked the dh whose story it was. He said he didn't think it was one character's story, but clearly Marcus had a bigger story arc than John Connor. I fully expected it to be John's story, but this secondary character swept him off the stage. Let that be a lesson to writers everywhere--don't make your secondary character's story more interesting than your hero's!

Top Ten Movies of the Decade

10) Gladiator

9) Bourne Identity

8) Monsters Inc.

7) O Brother Where Art Thou

6) Enchanted

5) Dark Knight

4) Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl

3) Harry Potters (except the last one)

2) Wall-E

1) Lord of the Rings

Favorite Movies of 2009

10) Australia

9) Secret Life of Bees

8) Terminator Salvation

7) Ten Inch Hero

6) Penelope

5) Star Trek

4) The Wrestler

3) Avatar

2) The Departed

1) Gran Torino

What's weird for me is that not all of those are happy movies, and like my shirt says, I Love Happy Endings. But several of those had me thinking for days, and to me, that's a good movie.

I'm still playing around with how to spend my Christmas money. Apparently I'm in a jewelry mood. We stopped at the liquor store by our house and they had this for $20. I think it's way cool:


Then Angela James sent a link to this jewelry, which is SO cool, but $8 shipping

and they don't have the bracelet I want in stock.


And I want charms for my charm bracelet. For my road trip story, I want a car.

They drive a 1970 Chevelle, but the closest I can find in looks is this:


Or I can change it to a Dodge Charger like Michael Westin in Burn Notice.


And I wanted a Texas capitol building for my bodyguard story, but I may just get this:


Stay tuned, getting ready to announce my Countdown to Breaking Daylight contest!


Best TV of 2009 and the DECADE

I was so surprised to get my Entertainment Weekly talking about best of the Decade. I can't believe it's over! Seems like yesterday we were moving into our house, talking about Y2K. So much has happened! But I had to adjust my annual top ten lists to account for the decade as well as best of the year.

Top Ten TV Shows of the Decade

10) Alias

9) Grey’s Anatomy

8) The Office

7) Veronica Mars

6) Gilmore Girls

5) Firefly

4) Lost

3) Friday Night Lights

2) Battlestar Galactica

1) Supernatural

Top Ten of 2009

10) Big Bang Theory

9) Dollhouse (season 2)

8) Lost

7) True Blood

6) Castle

5) Burn Notice

4) Glee

3) Battlestar Galactica

2) Friday Night Lights

1) Supernatural (come on, you're not surprised, are you?)



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I hope everyone had a merry Christmas! My favorite gift, other than the Supernatural hoodie I asked for, was this T-shirt, from the dh:

I love it when people get me ;)

I'm figuring out what I want to spend my money on. I can get a Supernatural calendar, but it's $25 PLUS $8 shipping! And I'm looking at charms for my charm bracelet. I need one for the road trip story, but the closest model I can find for the car is a 1964 Chevy, instead of a 1970 Chevelle. And I would like a charm of the Texas state capitol for the bodyguard book, but may get a gun instead ;) Then there's a Supernatural travel mug to match my hoodie....decisions, decisions. I NEED a computer or a sewing machine, too.

Yesterday we had a lovely afternoon at my brother and sister-in-law's house. Every year I kind of freeze up before we go over there, because there are a LOT of people. She has 3 sisters and a brother, and their significant others, and 3 nephews and 2 nieces and a grand-niece (that's right, Sonia, you have a GRAND niece :P ). A LOT of people. But then I get there and everyone's so wonderful and welcoming and we laugh too hard and eat too much, and just have a lovely time. My MIL was the same way--she'd fight us about going. She lived alone so would really have trouble with all the people. But then she loved it and couldn't wait until the next time.

Do you have to fight feeling anti-social? I would so much rather curl up in my house, but I know it's not good for me. Still, every time I go to something social, I fight with myself. Over the summer some of the teachers from my first school got together and Cindi even offered to drive me, but I didn't go and now I wish I had. And New Year's Eve my friend Lucinda has a party and I stopped going for a few years but now I make myself go, though I have to talk myself into it every time. Does anyone else do this?



Vintage Christmas/ Jesus & Mary Pictures, Images and Photos

I hope everyone has a SAFE and HAPPY holiday! We'll catch up tomorrow ;)

Vintage Christmas/ baby Jesus Pictures, Images and Photos

Roller Coaster

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Today is the last day for the Samhellion contest AND for the Nobody Writes It Better contest.

I'm thinking of running to the grocery store to get the ingredients to make this. Am I nuts? A front blew in last night and it's rather chilly. Another is coming in later, the same one that has the midwest socked in.

We went to see Avatar yesterday afternoon. We got to the theater at 4:45 for what I thought was the 5:30 show, but it turned out they had a 4:50 show. Good thing, because we got out at 8!!! Yup, that's 3 hours. I liked it, it was stunning, solid storytelling, emotional moments, kick-ass heroines (3 of them!) and nice conflict.

When we got home, I watched 500 Days of Summer. Might have liked it better if it was linear storytelling.

This week has been a roller coaster for writing. I finished the bodyguard book (YAY!) and started a short story (YAY!) and experienced some frustration (BOO!!!) and professional jealousy (BOOOO!!!!) It's not that I'm thinking I deserve something more than another writer. It's that I'm wondering what she's doing right and I'm doing wrong, you know? It's an ugly feeling and I need to shake it off and remember why I do this--because I love telling stories. (And I might go crazy if I bottled them all up!)

We celebrate Christmas Eve with my folks tonight and I have a little more wrapping to do. I never buy wrapping paper appropriate for small gifts, so it always looks junky, and I leave them to last. Then, proofing and cleaning and writing, if I'm lucky. I think I will head to the grocery store after all.



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Lolcats and funny pictures

I got my hair cut yesterday (no big change, I am a chicken, should have let her bob it) and the girl and I talked movies like wild. Now I'm dying to see AVATAR. I thought we'd go yesterday, but the dh had band practice. Maybe today, after the dh fixes the toilet in the master bath.

She was also a Twilight junkie, which is not my thing, but we agreed Stephanie Meyer needs to write Jacob's story. He's hugely popular, and though he has a heroine, they have a built-in conflict.

I need to make sugar cookies today. I'm going to make really big ones so it'll go quickly. Also, cleaning the kitchen, editing and working on my short story. Not nearly as busy.

Don't forget about the Samhellion contest. I think the last day is tomorrow. Also, Nobody Writes It Better is having a Super-Secret-Santa giveaway, so check it out!


What I'll Miss (and WON'T Miss) About the Christmas Season

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I finished the bodyguard book yesterday!!! Will start revisions once I'm done with these galleys.

Yesterday the dh and I were at the grocery store and I was looking at the amaryllis and thinking I should buy one for Christmas, but...Christmas is Friday! It won't bloom by then.

So I started thinking of all the things I love and will miss when Christmas is over.

1) Decorated stores, especially with pretty displays, like the amaryllis with the rosemary trees.

2) Christmas movies

3) Christmas scents

4) What we call "concoctions"--Sprite with a slice of orange and maraschino cherries

5) My Christmas dishes and glasses

6) good sales

7) Christmas books

8) all the anticipation, my favorite part

What I won't miss:

1) crowds

2) my Christmas decorations. I'm always ready to put them away as soon as Christmas is done. Makes the house roomier

3) Christmas carols. After 3 weeks of listening to them with my class, I'm done.

4) chasing Mama Kitty out from under the tree

What about you? Ready for Christmas to be over, or are you still loving every minute?

Don't forget about the Samhellion contest, where you could win a Kindle 2! And....Nobody Writes It Better is having a holiday giveaway, too!



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