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Last night we watched Public Enemies. I liked it, but it left me with an ugly feeling. I mean, not really uplifting at all, was it?

Then I woke up at about 1:30 worrying because it was supposed to freeze last night and I wasn't sure the dh had dripped the pipes. Of course I couldn't go back to sleep, so I finished reading this allegedly Christmas-themed Harlequin that people have been raving about on Twitter. For one, the only Christmas in it was a shopping scene leading up to the black moment, which was WAY out of the blue. I knew something bad had to happen, because a) the hero's wife had died, so I knew the heroine had to have something happen to her and b) everybody was slappy-happy with 60 pages to go. Still, the BBM? Didn't see it coming. Felt jerked around by it, and that did NOT make me happy. Yes, I cried, okay, I'm not heartless, but it also made me mad.

So I didn't get enough sleep and my last two attempts at entertainment are bugging me. I'm going to finish watching Mrs. Miracle, and put on some GLEE.



Mary Curry said...

GLEE should definitely help your mood. I loved it last night. Ready to rewatch.

MJFredrick said...


Mrs. Miracle was pretty good, too.

Anonymous said...

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