Real Life Isn't a Romance Novel

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We use it as a trope, a source of conflict for our heroes usually. I've used it twice--a young wife dying suddenly, once in my historical and once in STTA. I read a book with the conflict this week, and it was the basis of the conflict in Mrs. Miracle, the Christmas movie I watched this week.

The thing is, in those books, the event has some distance. Time has passed, the hero is thinking of moving forward, or not, until he meets the heroine.

We don't see, but can imagine those first days, those first weeks, the struggle to find a balance. We don't see the bone-deep grief and terror and loneliness, the blurring days.

Right now I feel guilty for ever using this device, because my brother's best friend is dealing with all this right now. His 43-year-old wife died suddenly, leaving him and his three-year-old son alone. Worse, he was in California and she was in Texas when it happened. He has to be strong for his son, for his family, and he's so intensely private, I don't know how he's going to accept help. It breaks my heart.


Anonymous said...

Hugs Mary. That is so sad.

MJFredrick said...

It is the saddest thing. The funeral was awful. I think the only thing is for him to power through it. Poor Steve.


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