Top Ten Events of 2007 and Ending the Year with a Bang!

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I was at Blockbuster and got a call from the Emily coordinator - Breaking Daylight finalled in the Emily!! This gives this book a perfect record in contests, and me a perfect record in the Emily! Hope something comes of it!

My Baby Brother came to get his dog Saturday night and on the way home saw a coyote - IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD! We're less than a mile from the highway, though there has been a lot of development in the area. Still - my kitties!

Completely lazy day yesterday – I didn’t get out of my pjs! I took a shower and got back into another pair! I read 2 GH entries, finished a book that resolved a relatively big conflict in 3 pages ☹, started reading another book (about 100 pages!), did some revisions on my SHOMI contest entry and watched Blood Diamond (good) and The Last Legion (NOT good – I know, Natalie warned me!)

Today, no big plans, unless the boy hangs with his friends tonight. If he does, I’m going to the movies, since the dh has to work. We will hit Blockbuster and Chick-Fil-A, though (have some coupons that expire today!)

Top Ten Events of 2007

10) finishing Breaking Daylight
9) getting my iPod
8) Trish’s sale
7) finalling in the GH and Trish getting to call me
6) reconnecting with friends
5) Chris’s visit in March and getting to finally meet her family!
4) Trish’s visit after conference, wherein we saw Harry Potter at the IMAX and watched all of Robin Hood from BBC
3) celebrating my 20 year anniversary
2) selling Where There’s Smoke, my first book, to WRP
1) selling Hot Shot to Samhain

What were your highlights? Can you believe 2007 is over???


Ten Books I'm Looking Forward to This Year

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Several of the books I'm looking forward to this year are first Noodler books. And yes, maybe it's tacky to look forward to my own books, but I've been waiting a Really Long Time ;)

10) Where There’s Smoke by MJ Fredrick


9) Hot Shot by MJ Fredrick - can't wait to see this cover!!!!

8) Tribute by Nora Roberts

7) Fanning the Flames by Trish Milburn

6) Lady and the Vamp by Michelle Rowen


5) Rogue by Rachel Vincent

4) Bound to Love Her by Esri Rose


3) Waltzing with Alligators by Lorelle Marinello

2) The Hollow by Nora Roberts

1) Thunder Moon by Lori Handeland


What books are you looking forward to in 2008?


Goals So Far, and The Best Books I Read in 2007

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1) work on small town story, get at least to 50000 words - UP TO 50,000 WORDS - CAN'T GET MY WORD METER WORKING
2) revisions on Eden’s Promise - UP TO PAGE 112
3) get a website – I played with making one last night on iWeb, but it’s a little bright and cheery ;) -HAVE ONE I LIKE, NOW TO GET A DOMAIN AND AN EMAIL ADDRESS
4) mail requested partial to agent
5) revise and send Breaking Daylight back to Golden Palm
6) research legend for Surface revisions – started this yesterday, too
7) judge GH entries
8) read 2 books
9) driver’s ed stuff with boy
10) boy’s 3 gigs and probably twice as many practices - 2 DOWN, ONE TO GO
11) lunch with writer friends
12) lunch with teacher friends - DIDN'T WORK OUT
13) breakfast with Mom - DIDN'T WORK OUT
15) clean house - SOME
16) get to UPS, the post office, the dry cleaners and grocery
17) nap as often as possible - SOME
18) Christmas baking - brownies, fudge, sugar cookies, molasses cookies and sugar plums
19) get four more presents
20) celebrate 21st anniversary!

This was the HARDEST LIST! But I made it as I read this year…though I almost forgot Harry Potter! And I couldn’t decide which of Lee McKenzie’s books I liked better.

1) A Man for Maggie by Lee McKenzie
2) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by JK Rowling
3) Gladiator’s Honour by Michelle Styles
4) Stray by Rachel Vincent
5) Rising Moon by Lori Handeland
6) Heavens to Betsy by Beth Patillo
7) Something Wicked by Evelyn Vaughn
8) Virgin River by Robin Carr
9) To Have and to Hold by Dawn Temple
10) Forbidden Shores by Jane Lockwood

What were your favorite books this year?


10 Pages, Lupe's Book and the Top Ten Movies I'm Looking Forward to in 2008

10 pages yesterday!

First of all, go to The Wild Rose Press and buy TOO LATE FOR ROMANCE by LM Gonzalez. It’s her very first book, y’all!


Now that that’s done, these are the top ten movies I’m looking forward to this year.

1) The Accidental Husband

2) Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (I can’t find any info about this, but the boy and Baby Brother insist it’s a 2008 movie.

3) Cloverfield

4) Fool’s Gold (a funny version of my ms Beneath the Surface, looks like)

5) Iron Man!! (Have I mentioned I love RDJ?)

6) Indiana Jones!!


7) The Dark Knight

8) Nim’s Island (Gerry’s new movie)

9) X Files movie


10) The Mummy sequel (I know, Rachel’s not in it, but…)

33 Degrees, 13 Pages and Top 10 Movies (and Bottom 10) That I Saw in 2008

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Top Ten (and Bottom Ten) Movies I Saw in 2007

It's 33 degrees and I'm babysitting my mom's dachshund. I opened the door to let her out because she was crying and she just turned around and went back to bed.

13 pages yesterday, despite errands. Yay!

I actually didn’t see that many. Most of my Blockbuster rentals were TV shows.

10) Apocalypto
9) Rocky Balboa
8) Live Free and Die Hard
7) Casino Royale
6) Pirates 3
5) Harry Potter
4) 300
3) Enchanted (I am DREAMING of my true love’s KISS…)
2) Disturbia

Bottom Ten, not necessarily in order.

10) The Fountain
9) Norbit (Why am I surprised by this?)
8) The Illusionist
7) Six: The Mark Unleashed (Again, what I endure for Jeffrey Dean Morgan.)
6) The Return. I saw this on my “rented movies” page and couldn’t even remember it, but it had Buffy in it.
5) Spiderman 3
4) Surf’s Up
3) Miss Potter (borrrrring. And predictable. And yes, Dawn, I know we don’t seem to have the same taste!)
2) The Pursuit of Happyness (depressing, depressing, depressing)
1) The Prestige


Top Ten TV Shows of 2007

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I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I got four - count 'em, four - necklaces. I promptly broke one and burst into tears. It was a glass heart and when I tried to thread it on the necklace, I dropped it and the loop broke off. Sigh. My son gave me a gorgeous ring that needs to be sized (along with my wedding ring, and that's been waiting 18 months.) And I need to hit Macy's with returns. Did I mention I don't like shopping?

BUT the boy LOVED his George Orwell t-shirt and book of essays, as well as his Hitchcock videos. The mandolin surprised him, though. The dh wasn't as surprised by his new iPod as I hoped. His old one was 3rd generation, and he called it the caveman iPod. This one's 6th generation Classic. Maybe he wanted a touch one.....but I went for memory over new technology.

Meanwhile, I'm babysitting my mom's dachshund while they go to Arkansas to visit her MIL. My dh put the dog in the crate last night without her bed, poor thing!

Christmas dinner at my brother's was huge - a turkey, a ham and tamales, plus more desserts than you can imagine. I really cut back on my baking this year and still have 4 tins of food AND a plate of brownies AND 1/3 of the coffeecake I made for breakfast yesterday.

Okay, I'm starting my Top Ten Lists for 2007 with the easiest one....TV!

Top Ten TV Shows in 2007

1) Supernatural (duh) - Season 3 more than season 2
2) Men in Trees, which I got into after reading the Virgin River books - I love all the different relationships, but especially Jack and Marin.
3) Friday Night Lights - season 1 more than Season 2, though I'm glad that "body" storyline is done. I love all the complexities, and I hope they smooth Julie out a bit.
4) Moonlight - not at first, but the romance is REALLY compelling
5) Heroes - Season 2 more than Season 1, believe it or not, though I agree it started slow.
6) The Office - Jim and Pam - YAY!
7) Jericho - starting again in February
8) My Name is Earl - this season, with Earl in prison? Priceless. Really really excellent writing
9) Grey’s Anatomy - this season more than last, though I miss Burke. There, I'll say it. He and Cristina were my favorite couple. I do like the new surgeon, though.
10) Lost - can't WAIT to see what they're going to do this year!

What shows did you love this year?


Merry Christmas Eve

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Not really my sentiment, just thought it was cute. And I do love stretching out the holiday season.

Thanks for your concern, y'all. I'm MUCH better today, a little stiff, but I should be able to drive. I hate this computer chair because it pressed right against the back of my thigh. And I hate changing positions still. I did manage to get my cookies done, and the guys rolled out my sugar plums (whose recipe I halved.) I didn't go to the boy's gig last night and I feel really guilty about it, but he didn't really want us there. I watched a lot of Tivo yesterday, and the Friday Night Lights movie, which was no where near as good as the show!

I read a review for PS I LOVE YOU yesterday where the reviewer said s/he wished the writers had played up how Holly had lost herself in Gerry and now had to find herself again. I felt like they did do this, but what struck me was that I used that theme in my WIP. I've never used it before, don't remember really seeing it before, but it's my hero's sister's concern - he'd lost himself in his first wife and now she's afraid he'll do the same with the heroine. So definitely need to bring that out.

I had the worst time keeping my h/h from kissing yesterday. I let them, then deleted the scene ;) Seriously, I HATE using the phone-callus-interuptus ploy, but I did.

Christmas Eve was always a big deal when I lived at home. We would always celebrate on that night. I remember my grandfather "distracting" us while Santa came, and one time he even dressed as Santa. Every year we eat sandwiches, and back in the day, Handy Andy would sell red and green bread. I would always pass out the gifts and eventually loved seeing others' reactions to my gifts more than opening my own.

We've gone the gift card route the past couple of years, so the unwrapping doesn't take as long. And my little family opens our gifts Christmas morning. I can't wait to see my guys' reactions to their gifts. I just need one...more...thing....

What are your family traditions?

Merry Christmas, y'all!


41 Year Old Women Shouldn't Do the Splits

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Yesterday after I did my errands and made the fudge, I decided to go put my plants back where they belonged, since we no longer had a freeze threat. I decided to water them first while they were all together.


I moved the hibiscus, no problem. I moved one urn, no problem. Second urn?


My shoe (my beloved Crocs) slid on the wet concrete and I fell, one leg in front and one behind. I heard/felt a pop as I was going down, and I couldn't catch myself.


I lay there for a minute, catching my breath and praying that pop wasn't a joint. Whatever it was hurt like a SOB. Luckily, my son had just gotten up and was at the computer, so I hollered till he came out. He couldn't help me up - I didn't know how to let him help me, but he got me inside and brought over the rolling computer chair. I was nauseated and soaked and hot, so I sat there a minute before stretching out on my stomach on the cool floor. Fortunately, the dh woke then and got me dry clothes. I was able to hobble to the bathroom and change and hobble back to the couch. It was hard to find a comfortable position.

The dh brought me my choices of medication - Midol or Excedrin. I took the Midol and that eventually helped, but every move hurt. I stayed on the couch while the dh took the ds to band practice, then brought home lunch. Sitting on the hard wooden chair - NOT fun. I managed a nap with no pain, then we went to the ds's gig.

The car seat is the BEST chair in the house, BTW. Sitting an hour at a gig is NOT. I was crying by the time I got back to the car - I had trouble going from sitting to standing. We stopped at Walgreens for Advil and those BenGay heating pads and I spent the rest of the evening on the couch. I managed a shower okay, but had trouble finding a comfortable sleeping position.

I keep thinking someone was trying to slow me down, but they could have done it AFTER I made the Christmas cookies!


Goals for the Entire Christmas Break

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1) work on small town story, get at least to 50000 words
2) revisions on Eden’s Promise
3) get a website – I played with making one last night on iWeb, but it’s a little bright and cheery ;)
4) mail requested partial to agent
5) revise and send Breaking Daylight back to Golden Palm
6) research legend for Surface revisions – started this yesterday, too
7) judge GH entries
8) read 2 books
9) driver’s ed stuff with boy
10) boy’s 3 gigs and probably twice as many practices - 2 DOWN, ONE TO GO
11) lunch with writer friends
12) lunch with teacher friends
13) breakfast with Mom
15) clean house
16) get to UPS, the post office, the dry cleaners and grocery
17) nap as often as possible
18) Christmas baking - brownies, fudge, sugar cookies, molasses cookies and sugar plums
19) get four more presents

I went to see PS I LOVE YOU AGAIN on the way home from school yesterday. Still loved it.

I have a quibble with ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT. How come all the REALLY emotional scenes are in a secondary character's POV? The proposal was in Sam's POV and the good news Robin got was in Dolphina's. What's up with that?


Yesterday, and How to Promote Your Books (I'm Lookin' for Ideas)

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Yesterday we had a dance at school and I ended up dancing with almost all my ex students. The funny - EVERY one of my ex-students who bought popcorn, came by to offer me some! SO cute.

Last night we went to a one-act play written by one of the SARAs. It was SO good but SO sad! I cried halfway home, just thinking about it. It was performed by the advanced teen acting class and they did a fantastic job.

I'm trying to buy the PS I LOVE YOU soundtrack from iTunes, but it wants me to sign in and I have no idea what the sign in info is, and it won't let me create a new account. I waited till payday and now I have to wait some more. I hate waiting.

Okay, I've sent back the last of the galleys to Smoke. I know Hot Shot will be released on April Fool's Day. Now I need to start promoting.

I know Romancing the Blog has ads along the side of the page that they sell for $30. I've heard banners and stuff like that do well. I see a lot of writers promote on the Wild Rose Press loop and the Samhain loop, but I frankly delete those (200 email a day from both loops - heavens!) I know I need a website and I'll start looking into that next week. But what have you found to be the most effective, promotion-wise?

Off to work, hope we get out so I can get to the 2:10 show of PS I LOVE YOU!!!


Movies that Make You Cry (But You Like Anyway)

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33 more hours.....

I got the last 3 bags of Mint M&Ms at the store last night. I should never have spread the word ;)

One of the teachers and I decided that if they let us out early enough tomorrow (kids get out before 1, but we don't know when we can leave, which kinda makes me mad---seriously, one day a year, let us GO!) we're going to see PS I LOVE YOU before we go home. I cried a lot in that movie. I hope I don't embarrass her.

So I was thinking about other movies that make me cry. I usually like cheery movies, so this list was hard. The top two are what my son used to call "gray" movies.

1) Mrs. Miniver - great WW2 movie set in England.

2) So Proudly We Hail - great WW2 movie set in the Pacific

3) March of the Penguins

4) Signs

5) Glory

6) Cinderella Man

7) The Lion King

8) Field of Dreams

Help me out, here, y'all.

Not really loving the moustache - must be for WATCHMEN.


Shows and Movies You Thought You Wouldn't Like But You Do

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Yesterday was our only evening with nothing planned. I cancelled tutoring and looked forward to an evening of DVDs and writing on the couch.

My MIL was here. I tried to crochet, but that yarn is AWFUL. Skinny, then fat....ugh. We invited her to dinner, so my evening didn't start till almost seven, and I found out I had the galleys for Smoke in my inbox, so I did 100 pages of proofreading last night. You'd be amazed at how many mistakes I found. She had flowery shampoo one minute and fruity the next. And I'm not the only one reading this! So that was my evening. Then I spent the morning today rebuilding my "soundtrack" for my WIP. When the dh changed the OS, all my playlists went bye-bye. They're still on the iPod, but not on the puter.

In a couple of hours, we'll have our teacher Christmas breakfast. A parent will watch my class. Do you know how HARD it was to find a parent to watch my class? Last year I had three show up and two more volunteer!

At the SARA party, the hostess was talking about how much she likes the show Dexter, about the serial killer, and how she never thought she would like a show like that.

I had the same reaction when I first saw Sex and the City. I never thought I could like a show where the women talked like that, so open and blunt. But the friendships hooked me and I love that show.

When V for Vendetta came out, Trish went to see it with another Noodler and for the life of me I couldn't picture the two of them at that movie. But when I saw it - MAN. It is a GREAT movie.

Recently, Kill Bill was on TV so I Tivoed it. It was a movie my brother and his wife liked and we do NOT have the same taste. But I ended up really enjoying it.

BTW, I've moved Dexter up in my queue. What movies or shows did you not think you'd like, and ended up liking?

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We had free passes to the sneak preview of PS I LOVE YOU last night. We got to the theater about an hour before showtime (NOT my idea - I would have been there right after school, ya know?) and the line was scary long. There were about 4 security guards patrolling the line, looking for cell phones and any other electronic devices, including iPods! They made people take them back to their cars! Can you believe it? They did purse checks and wanded everyone, and during the movie 4 security guards were posted. We joked that we thought we were watching a movie, not getting on an airplane.

Anyway, the movie. You know how you look forward to something for so long and you end up being disappointed? (I mean, Gerry started making this movie back when I was regularly posting pictures of him!)

Well, I wasn't disappointed.

I cried a lot but it wasn't maudlin. I'm not a big Hilary Swank fan (okay, I'm not a fan at all) but I really felt her grief in this movie. She did such a good job. Gerry was his charming self, Harry Connick was hilarious and JDM made me proud.

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While it was sad as an overall story, there was a lot of humor, too. The audience really liked it (though I wondered if they'd seen the previews, because they were laughing at everything that was in the previews.)

The story was told in a combination of real time and in flashbacks. It was very sweet and romantic, and when I see the movie again, I'm going to learn some of the lines that were just so insightful and moving.

I loved the mom, Kathy Bates, I loved the birthday party - though it had a bit of a kick in the gut emotionally - I loved the Ireland trip and there is one scene in there that made the whole movie for me. When you see it, you will know JUST what I'm talking about. I will definitely go see it again.

It was a hair long at just over 2 hours, and I felt some scenes could have been shorter, but overall it was fast-paced. It covered a little over a year, so I guess it needed that. But it was REALLY romantic and funny and sweet and sad but hopeful. Take tissues.

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Feel Good Movies

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Wow, I woke up 2 minutes before the alarm went off. Feels good. Of course, on the coldest night of the year so far, someone turned the heater down to 60---brrrrr!!!

Third round of American Title starts today! Vote for Trish!

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Going to see PS I LOVE YOU tonight and I'm really hoping it's good. At the SARA Christmas party, the hostess and I agreed we only like movies that make you feel good, movies with happy endings. Some movies I'll watch over and over are the first Harry Potter, the first Pirates, Dear Frankie, O Brother Where Art Thou, Princess Bride Pride and Prejudice and Two Weeks Notice.

What are your feel good movies?

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I am about partied out. Almost brought home another cat last night, but couldn't find her when we were leaving the SARA party.

Man, I’m tired just thinking about this week. The dh is off, though, so I don’t have to worry about the house and dinner.

1) work on small town story
2) revisions on Eden’s Promise
3) fix up Breaking Daylight and resend to Golden Palm so they can send to Leslie Wainger
4) go see PS I LOVE YOU Monday night
5) a play at a playhouse written by one of the SARAs on Thursday
6) dh’s gig (one was cancelled)
7) ds’s 2 gigs
8) teacher breakfast – plan something for parent who’s watching them for that hour
9) kids’ party
10) send out progress reports and ruin some Christmas vacations
11) once school is out – SLEEP!

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Breaking Daylight Finalled and Heroes

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I came home from my Christmas party last night to find Breaking Daylight finalled in the Golden Palm! I have a week to revise, then send it back and it's going to Leslie Wainger. It's been a long dry spell between finals, y'all. This feels GOOD. Wow, and I just got the results for Don't Look Back...if they'd had 4 finalists instead of 3, it would have finalled, too!!

I should get to write today. I need to make a quick trip to the grocery store, and then the SARA party tonight, but in between, no obligations.

Okay, heroes....I was reading this book recently where the hero was just, well, horny all the time. All. The. Time. It went a bit beyond the level of being sexy and was actually a little creepy, especially since he'd wanted this girl since she was 17. (He was about 10 years older.)

When I read Shelter Mountain, I had trouble getting past the hero's bald-big-be-earringed appearance.

I read another book where the hero made unfortunate choices in footwear. Just. Not. Appealing.

And another where the hero was, shall we say, hirsute. I didn't mind that quite so much because I have a feeling my current hero is as well, but I wasn't going to go into that in the likelihood it would be a turnoff to someone.

What hero characteristics turn you off, either physical or not?

Look what Natalie found!

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Panicking Slightly Less and Holiday Treats

Glow in the dark cats
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So I got my presents wrapped and finished Cindi's scarf last night. I found some I'd made already that I can give to my Secret Santa. I stopped and got my uncle a gift card to Olive Garden for his birthday, which is tomorrow. And I got gift bags for the white elephant gifts (though my gifts are GOOD.) I also figured out the dh can brave WalMart to get his own mother's gift, since he's off next week. And I did the newsletter, the parent letter and the make up work, and turned in the GT nominations and the textbook stuff.

I need to get cash for me and the boy tonight....he's going to the movies with a friend while I go to the Christmas party. The good thing is, I'm riding with Cindi and Lucinda, who live out there by his friend. So as soon as we're done partying, I pick him up and we come home. The bad is that I come home from school, get dressed for the party, go pick the boy up from UIL (crossing the highway) then take him to the friend's, then go to Lucinda's. Not much time to breathe!

Yesterday one of the teachers walked in with a bag of Mint M&Ms. I'd never had them, wasn't all that excited about tasting them, but...oh, my God. I kept finding excuses to go to her room for another handful. They are SO good, and only available this time of year.

My Baby Brother asked me if I was making molasses cookies this Christmas. It's a tradition in our family that I took over YEARS ago. I didn't make them last year and never heard the end of it. So I suppose I will.

When I was a girl, I would make sugar plums. The recipe I had was mostly butter and powdered sugar, with cocoa and oatmeal and golden raisins. The recipe was called Sugar Plums from Sugarland (Texas, you know) It was in an Imperial cookbook. Mom lost it (it was a little cookbook) and a couple of years ago, Baby Brother found the recipe on the internet. Again, OMG, but so rich you can't eat very many and they get thrown out, and have to be refrigerated because of all the butter. But I suppose I'll make those.

I also love iced sugar cookies this time of year. They aren't pretty like the ones Robyn DeHart makes (completely from scratch). Mine are Pillsbury dough and colored Duncan Hines frosting, but yummy.

What are your favorite Christmas treats?

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3 WOOTS, A Construction Rant, A Mail Order Rant and Panic Time

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First of all, a big WOOT to my dh for getting advance screening tickets for PS I LOVE YOU on Monday. The good - he's on vacation, so we can get there early. The bad - that's the third night we'll be leaving the ds alone. I know he's 16, but hey.

Second WOOT - I'm on the Coming Soon Page at The Wild Rose Press!!!! I don't know when soon is, but I'm there!!!!

Third woot - a partial request from Jenny Rappaport on last year's GH finalist. Need to dust that puppy off!

Last night, the boy played at the high school, which is across the highway from our home. (Okay, across the highway and a few miles, but...) Apparently, though, crossing the highway is now akin to crossing the border. It took me FIFTEEN MINUTES to get 3 miles because of construction - AND I HAD TO DO IT FOUR TIMES YESTERDAY!!!! I had to pick the kid up, bring him home, take him back for the gig and bring him home. EVERYTHING is one lane. ARGH! I remember when all the construction was on the OTHER side of town.

THEN, I FINALLY got my Pirates DVD from Best Buy Tuesday. It had shipped TWELVE DAYS before that. It went from Austin (an hour down the road) to Dallas (3 hours away) to OKLAHOMA CITY, then BACK TO DALLAS. A movie I ordered the ds that was mailed after that, I got a week before. I presume I'll get Harry Potter around Christmas.

What's up with the UPS man delivering in the middle of the night? The other night, the dh came home at midnight, and we had a package!

OKay, what needs to be done before I get out of school:

Progress reports, which means grading and entering grades

Make up work over the Christmas break for failing grades on the progress reports. I NEVER give homework over breaks, but these kids are not motivated, and their parents don't help.

Choose a math textbook for the district to adopt (this is not my job alone, but paperwork is involved.)

Turn in nominations for the gifted and talented program.

Christmas letter about Christmas activities to parents.


lesson plans x2

Finish Cindi's scarf and wrap her kids' gifts so I can give them to her before we get out.

Make a scarf for my Secret Santa. And maybe 2 for the ladies in the office. Lord knows I have the yarn.

What has to be done before Christmas:

Get gift card for MIL at WalMart. I go to WalMart like 3 times a year, and this is NOT a good time. But I need to do other shopping there, too, so it can't just be a guerilla trip.

Gifts for brothers, Mom, stepdad

Find out where Christmas is going to be.



Two Christmas parties, and I have to take food to one of them.

Are YOU ready????

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Christmas Shows

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Another one of those days where I didn't want to get out of bed. Another front blew in last night, I didn't sleep good because the dh went out with his band....I'm not ready for Christmas, but I'm ready for Christmas break!

The night before last, we watched The Year Without a Santa Claus. (Remember, my son is 16. He rolled his eyes all the way through.) I love the Heat Miser and Snow Miser scenes. The rest I could do without. But we were explaining to this child, who has had VCRs and now Tivo his whole life, what a big deal it used to be when the specials would come on.

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Rudolph, Charlie Brown, The Little Drummer THAT was appointment TV, because if you missed it, you didn't see it for another year!

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There was one, though, that I remember. We just HAPPENED to see it on Christmas Eve when we were eating dinner when I was a kid. It was called The Night the Animals Talked. I've seen it once since, and have only ever met one person who saw it. Have you seen it?

Other than that, my favorite is The Grinch, the cartoon. I can recite it, because the ds watched it so much as a kid.

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What's your favorite Christmas special?

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