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I got SO MUCH done yesterday. I typed in 5 pages of my small town story, which I'm calling Something to Talk About (StTA), I typed in 20 pages of edits on Ghost Hunters, planted 3 poinsettias, cleaned 2 bathrooms, decorated the Christmas tree, put out the rest of my decorations, watched 3 episodes of The Unit, did more edits on Smoke and then wrote at least 3 more pages of StTA, including a major turning point.

Then the dh went to his gig and I couldn't sleep. Okay, I slept about 3 hours, woke at 2. He'd just gotten home. I couldn't go back to sleep for TWO HOURS. When I did, I had a good dream about the guy from Burn Notice, but it was mostly REALLY weird, and I snoozed the alarm twice. Thank goodness I got my pants from the dry cleaners - no ironing!

Really, he's SO not my type.

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Marianne Arkins said...

Weird dreams aside, you sound invigorated!

Tempest Knight said...

Congrats on your word progress! *wg* As for the dream, it sounds like you were able to rest even when you didn't get too much sleep.

Toni Anderson said...

I hate not sleeping well. Hope it is better tonight. My goodness you were busy though!

Anonymous said...

I barely slept last night! I have no idea why,I just couldn't get relaxed. Probably because I kept thinking about my book! Argh. Congrats on all the work you got done!

Mary Beth

Amie Stuart said...

He's HOT!!!!!!! I remember watching him in another USA series that was short lived....Sensing Evil? Anyway *drool*

MJFredrick said...

Thanks, guys! Finishing Nano was a HUGE relief, because now the story I'm writing is no pressure.

Mary Beth, sorry you didn't sleep well, either. Lots of times my stories keep me up. Or wake me up!

Amie, his chin bothers me. As in, there isn't one. And he's skinny. But that dream......


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