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So I got my presents wrapped and finished Cindi's scarf last night. I found some I'd made already that I can give to my Secret Santa. I stopped and got my uncle a gift card to Olive Garden for his birthday, which is tomorrow. And I got gift bags for the white elephant gifts (though my gifts are GOOD.) I also figured out the dh can brave WalMart to get his own mother's gift, since he's off next week. And I did the newsletter, the parent letter and the make up work, and turned in the GT nominations and the textbook stuff.

I need to get cash for me and the boy tonight....he's going to the movies with a friend while I go to the Christmas party. The good thing is, I'm riding with Cindi and Lucinda, who live out there by his friend. So as soon as we're done partying, I pick him up and we come home. The bad is that I come home from school, get dressed for the party, go pick the boy up from UIL (crossing the highway) then take him to the friend's, then go to Lucinda's. Not much time to breathe!

Yesterday one of the teachers walked in with a bag of Mint M&Ms. I'd never had them, wasn't all that excited about tasting them, but...oh, my God. I kept finding excuses to go to her room for another handful. They are SO good, and only available this time of year.

My Baby Brother asked me if I was making molasses cookies this Christmas. It's a tradition in our family that I took over YEARS ago. I didn't make them last year and never heard the end of it. So I suppose I will.

When I was a girl, I would make sugar plums. The recipe I had was mostly butter and powdered sugar, with cocoa and oatmeal and golden raisins. The recipe was called Sugar Plums from Sugarland (Texas, you know) It was in an Imperial cookbook. Mom lost it (it was a little cookbook) and a couple of years ago, Baby Brother found the recipe on the internet. Again, OMG, but so rich you can't eat very many and they get thrown out, and have to be refrigerated because of all the butter. But I suppose I'll make those.

I also love iced sugar cookies this time of year. They aren't pretty like the ones Robyn DeHart makes (completely from scratch). Mine are Pillsbury dough and colored Duncan Hines frosting, but yummy.

What are your favorite Christmas treats?

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Jennifer Shirk said...

I love all Christmas cookies. And one of my hubby's clients makes us these candy coated walnuts with cinnamon. They're yummy, too!

Anonymous said...

My youngest sister makes delicious and beautifully decorated sugar cookies - she's made for Christmas and for Easter. But, now... she got married, moved to Austin and doesn't have time...(:

She used to make treats (the sugar cookies at times, too) for Michael's class when he was in elementary school and it was his turn to take a treat and the teacher loved it. She told us the other teachers looked forward to Michael's turn as well.

Now, I don't think home-baked goods are allowed in school anymore.

Another of my favorites, which we only make at Thanksgiving and Christmas is something we call pink salad - only five ingredients (cherry pie filling, pecans, crushed pineapple, Cool Whip and Eagle Brand condensed milk). Someone took it for a luncheon a long time ago when I lived in Big Spring and we adopted it as our holiday salad.


Gina Black said...

Mint M&Ms? OMG . . . I shouldn't know about these.

My DH just made decorated sugar cookies. They are beautiful and delicious and I don't think we took any pictures . . . mistake because they are already being distributed and eaten. Munch, crunch, crunch.

I love molasses cookies.

MJFredrick said...

Jennifer, I'm not a big walnut fan, EXCEPT those sound really good.

Lupe, LOL on the teachers looking forward to Michael's turn to bring treats. Yeah, we're not supposed to have homemade goodies anymore. Sad, huh? I am so sick of HEB cupcakes. BUT one of my kids' grandma made that salad last year and EVERYONE wanted seconds. MMMMM.....

I'm out of mint M&Ms and forgot to get more when I was at the store Saturday :( I love love love iced sugar cookies, Gina!


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