Top Ten TV Shows of 2007

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I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I got four - count 'em, four - necklaces. I promptly broke one and burst into tears. It was a glass heart and when I tried to thread it on the necklace, I dropped it and the loop broke off. Sigh. My son gave me a gorgeous ring that needs to be sized (along with my wedding ring, and that's been waiting 18 months.) And I need to hit Macy's with returns. Did I mention I don't like shopping?

BUT the boy LOVED his George Orwell t-shirt and book of essays, as well as his Hitchcock videos. The mandolin surprised him, though. The dh wasn't as surprised by his new iPod as I hoped. His old one was 3rd generation, and he called it the caveman iPod. This one's 6th generation Classic. Maybe he wanted a touch one.....but I went for memory over new technology.

Meanwhile, I'm babysitting my mom's dachshund while they go to Arkansas to visit her MIL. My dh put the dog in the crate last night without her bed, poor thing!

Christmas dinner at my brother's was huge - a turkey, a ham and tamales, plus more desserts than you can imagine. I really cut back on my baking this year and still have 4 tins of food AND a plate of brownies AND 1/3 of the coffeecake I made for breakfast yesterday.

Okay, I'm starting my Top Ten Lists for 2007 with the easiest one....TV!

Top Ten TV Shows in 2007

1) Supernatural (duh) - Season 3 more than season 2
2) Men in Trees, which I got into after reading the Virgin River books - I love all the different relationships, but especially Jack and Marin.
3) Friday Night Lights - season 1 more than Season 2, though I'm glad that "body" storyline is done. I love all the complexities, and I hope they smooth Julie out a bit.
4) Moonlight - not at first, but the romance is REALLY compelling
5) Heroes - Season 2 more than Season 1, believe it or not, though I agree it started slow.
6) The Office - Jim and Pam - YAY!
7) Jericho - starting again in February
8) My Name is Earl - this season, with Earl in prison? Priceless. Really really excellent writing
9) Grey’s Anatomy - this season more than last, though I miss Burke. There, I'll say it. He and Cristina were my favorite couple. I do like the new surgeon, though.
10) Lost - can't WAIT to see what they're going to do this year!

What shows did you love this year?



Marianne Arkins said...

The only shows I watch regularly are NCIS, Criminal Minds, Eureka and The Closer... so I guess those are my faves! LOL...

Sorry about your necklace :-(

dawn said...

awww, mary.
sorry to hear 'bout your necklace, too.

i only watched trashtv this fall...but sage was raving about lost last night.

thank you for sending the boi down with holiday provisions. b just came and told me that he & j are going to starbucks. it makes me happy when they make the time for each other.


KATZ said...

Hey Mary! I thought of you because I saw PS-ILoveYou tonight, with all your favorite men in it. ;)

And WOW, have to say that I haven't really understood the whole Gerard Butler thing until now. OMG, he's to die for. He got to walk around the whole show just being a stud. I know what I'm dreaming about tonight... ;)

I broke a pair of earrings from my stocking first thing -- they were cheap christmas ones, but it still made me sad.

Talk to you soon!

MJFredrick said...

I guess those are your faves, Marianne! LOL!

I think we have a plan for the necklace - may require going to one of the shops that sells stuff to make your own jewelry....

Thanks, Dawn! Is Sage just starting Lost? We only have the 2nd season on DVD. I was happy when B called, too! They still have so much in common.....

SARAH! Hugs on breaking your earrings, too!! But wasn't that movie just GREAT? MMmmmmm.....I bet you can guess MY favorite scene ;)


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