Why I Love Gilmore Girls

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Yesterday, between school and SARA, I watched an episode from season one of Gilmore Girls. I was still on a high from the series finale, so was cautious about going back, but this episode was wonderful. Rory had gone to a dance with Dean, had fallen asleep and not come home. Lorelei's mom was staying with her because Lorelei had hurt her back and when Rory didn't come home, Lorelei's mom jumped all over Lorelei, who defended Rory, until the mom left, and then she whipped around on Rory, hurting, scared, and embarrassed.

It felt so real. The first season is feeling like that for me. You see more of Lorelei's raw emotions, her worry for Rory, her own hurt when Rory forms a bond of her own with Lorelei's judgemental parents, her terror that Rory will indeed make the same mistakes Lorelei made.

But even in that reality, there's a safety net. You know they're going to be okay because of what they are to each other.

Most people at school have never even heard of the Gilmore Girls, or Supernatural. Sad, sad, sad. I think the Internet has influenced my TV watching as much as it influences my reading. What shows do you watch because of the Internet?

TONIGHT! Big Season Finales!!

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Kelly Boyce said...

I can't wait for the season finales tonight!

Toni Anderson said...

I've got ER :) Love the big series finales :)

Anonymous said...

Lots of people watch GG at my school, but most of them are students. :-) They love that I watch it too.
I think you hit it exactly. It feels REAL. Can't wait for Grey's.

Trish Milburn said...

I can't believe they've not heard of Gilmore Girls. It's been around for 7 years!

I do think that the Internet and other forms of entertainment have siphoned off some TV viewers, and the ones watching TV are either watching the four main networks or sports.

Wow, there are probably lots of programs I watch because of hearing about them via e-mail or the Internet, definitely Supernatural, Smallville and Veronica Mars (though sadly, Veronica's been canceled -- boo hoo).

MJFredrick said...

So, Kelly, what did you think?

Toni, how was ER? I haven't watched it since the Sally Field season. They're not putting them on DVD very fast, either!

Mary Beth, only one of my students watches GG. I wish I had someone to talk to about it in person!

Trish, a lot of them don't even know about the CW! Too bad about Veronica. I have the first season. I need to watch it this summer!


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