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My beloved principal announced yesterday he's moving to a new school - not his choice. Stupid politics, stupid test scores, whatever the reason, I'm just sick about it. Not only do I love this man and the environment he's created on campus, but I'm terrified, in a way you can only be when you've had a Boss from Hell, of who will replace him. So, yes, I'm up at 1:30, unable to sleep.

Today's our field day and it's pouring. Looks like it will rain all weekend. Mom and I are going to a flower show (indoors) tomorrow, and the dh's sister's son is getting confirmed on Sunday, so I don't know when I'm going to get to see Pirates.

Did anyone see Supernatural? It was the season opener for this year, and there were two bits that I don't remember being in the original airing. One was when the reaper told Dean it was a hero's death and he said he'd pass on the 72 virgins because he wasn't really into prude chicks, and the other was when John was making the deal with the demon and the demon said there was something he wanted as much as the Colt, maybe more. As I remember, it left off originally at, "You need to sweeten the pot." Am I crazy? Wait, maybe I shouldn't ask that question....

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Anonymous said...

Hugs, Mary. There's nothing worse than a new principal. We're getting one next year, so I'm biting my nails, same as you.

KATZ said...

I'm seeing Pirates on Monday!! Woohoo! SO need a Captain Jack fix right about now... ;)

Good luck with the principal -- such a shame.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Ugh, scary. I hope you get a wonderful new principal.

I did not watch the rerun of SPN, but I can tell you definitely Dean said he'd pass on the 72 virgins... in the first airing.

I have to watch it again, but I think the demon's other line was in it, too.

So, re: comment. :)

MJFredrick said...

I know my luck is probably out with a wonderful principal - I just don't think there's anyone out there like Mr. Allen. I heart him.

Thanks, Natalie. The brain, she is swiss cheese this time of year.


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