TV Rant (As Promised)

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My life had its ups and downs this week, and so did TV. Some nights I wondered WHY I was watching.


Heroes was ABSOLUTELY awesome. Just excellent TV.

24 was POINTLESS. Jack escaped to talk to Audrey and was captured again. NOTHING was gained, but an hour taken up. Why didn't Nadia just let him talk to her?


Americans got it right on American Idol. The four best are left. I've been singing Bon Jovi all week, though.


I missed most of Jericho because I was on the phone with my brother, but why aren't they using the tank?

On Bones, the crime was needlessly complicated. Seriously, would you think of loading a chopped up guy on a plane and dropping him in the ocean? Gah. And there was no good chemistry with Booth and Bones.

My dh knocked off Locke's dad as Sawyer from the minute he arrived, so no big surprise on Lost.


Kinda liked Earl and Office.

Supernatural was incredible. Just incredible. Love Dean all over again.

Now, the big rant. What the HELL are they thinking on Grey's???? I wish I'd Tivoed that damn show and skipped all the California bits (and I LIKE Addison.) There is nothing different or special about it. The first time I saw Grey's, I was hooked. The writing was that good, but this - wasn't. How convenient was it that Tim Daly had chased off the former ob/gyn? And what was he? An herbalist? I didn't buy it. Most of the time I was trying to figure out who her friend was, then realized it was Francie from Alias. And Addison didn't seem to be such a good friend, if she didn't know Francie was divorced. The surfer boy - ick. The woman has been with McDreamy, McSteamy and Alex - she's going to drool over a teenager? I don't think so.

So I won't be watching Addison's new show.

What did you think of TV this week?

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Gina Black said...

I don't watch TV. Where do you get the time?

Anonymous said...

Heroes - Agreed!

24 - Agreed! What a waste of an hour.

Jericho - Do they even have ammo for the tank? Or enough gas, for that matter? The best part of this week's episode, though, was seeing Heather alive and well in next week's previews. :)

Bones - It was pretty silly.

Lost - I knew Locke's dad was going to be the dude who conned Sawyer's mom, too. Then again, I'd read the theory somewhere beforehand. *g*


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