Baby Brother graduated last night as valedictorian. The chemistry teacher introduced him and said lovely things about him. The overall graduation was only an hour, but it took another hour to find everyone and take pictures. It was a crush. It's a small high school, so they could bring as many people to graduation as they wanted, and so they did. We got there at 5 to save seats for the thing at 6. Some other ladies almost got into a fight when 2 came into a row, MOVED the other ladies' purses and sat down.

Yes, this is a Catholic High School.

Here's Baby Brother.

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Here's Healing Brother, Step-Dad and BB (I love this picture.) Healing Brother told Mom, "At least you have one smart son," and my step-dad, who loves HB like crazy, said, "No, we have two." HB was a little embarrassed that as we were making our way through the crowd, he kept getting mistaken for BB's dad. He's old enough, but barely.

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This picture took a lot of work to get all 4 paying attention. I have 5 such pictures and can almost make a flip book. That's SIL, HB, DH and DS.

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The proud parents.

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The proud sister (who decided to get a hair cut yesterday and lost about 20 pounds of hair - too short!). And yes, that's my favorite top, the same one from my GH picture. We won't talk about how long I've had it!

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Better picture of the hair ;)

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dawn said...

mary, you guys are all adorable.

it is hard to believe that lil trekkie turned out to be such a hottie...and, dannnng, brilliant to boot!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the whole family! :-)

Trish Milburn said...

Congrats to BB. And fun pix, though the boy is hidden by your sidebar avatars -- at least on my computer.


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