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I spent my mad money--plus some--the first day of vacation. I bought prezzies for the teachers and a super-secret project and a pair of fuzzy socks and an ornament and lunch and POOF! Also bought a couple of books because Fictionwise is having a good sale with 45% microrebates, so bought two Harlequin Historicals. And I have my eye on some earrings here. However, I got an unexpected refund check for $77 in the mail, so I'm ahead again!

I'm where I want to be in NaNo, word count wise, but I used Write or Die and wrote some nonsense and now realize I have to break up my hero and heroine (technically, have her break up with him) only I don't know how because she was all willing to move to Seattle with him the last time I checked. But one of the things I wrote using Write or Die was that she didn't want to go to his mom for help because she'd broken his heart. So yay for having an idea for what to write tomorrow, but what made everything change???

Finally, I may be the last person to mention the Harlequin Horizons thing. While I don't like the idea at all, and I feel awful for the Harlequin authors this affects, I'm wondering two things:

1) Who will pay these amounts? Are there going to be that many potential customers for Harlequin to really make money here?

2) Why do people think readers will be confused if these books will have no distribution?

Don't get me wrong, I hate the idea, and I feel like some of the explanations we've gotten are pretty condescending, but I'm wondering if those two concerns are really valid.



Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I think the same things about the HH issue, Mary. Every so often someone half convinces me that I'm wrong, that there are surprisingly many clueless and desperate people who will pay those prices, and that readers will be lost by the comparison. The last concern is virtually eliminated by the name change, thank goodness, and common sense keeps telling me that from an individual author standpoint, the losses will be minimal.

From a global picture, the situation as it was was heinous. I think the brand connection WOULD have diluted the impression of quality with buyers (as in booksellers, not readers) and reviewers and other industry people, and the lowering of respect would have had an ephemeral impact.

But direct effect on individual book sales? I don't see it.


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