When I went to the Emily luncheon this weekend, I was sure I'd know someone, because I'm so connected to the internet, through eHQ, my loops and now this blog. Sure enough, I knew two people!

I was blog surfing yesterday and I saw a comment on one blog I visit from someone on another blog I visit. And I wondered, am I the connection? Would these people know each other if not for me? Do you ever wonder that?

Today is boob-smushing day, but first, breakfast with Mom. Hopefully we can go to a flower nursery, too. Even though my geraniums are beautiful, I want more flowers.

Yes, I will regret this in the heat of summer when I have to water them every day.

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Stephanie Bose said...

Good luck with the boob-smushing. Fingers crossed that you're in fine form : )

And yes, I've found numerous blogs from hopping over from yours. You are a veritable bridge, Mary!

Take care, and thinking of you...


Dana Pollard said...

I wonder about the whole blob-hopping theory too. I have friends who post on my blog that have appeared on blogs of my other friends that I know they would never know. Neat huh? HOpe you had a great time at the Emily.

Good luck with your boob-smushing. I do not envy youl

Silma said...

Interesting. I've visited many blogs by checking out who signs in the blogs I visit. Sometimes I wonder if other people do the same thing. I've met a lot of cool people blog-hopping that way. It widens my views to see what else is written out there. *g*

Toni Anderson said...

Good luck with the boobs and breakfast! Chocolate would be good I think.

Oh--it is -25C with the wind today--geraniums will need at least another month I think!!!!

MaryF said...

Cool, a bridge! I like that!

It's actually cool today, in the 60s. We went to the nursery and were chilled in our summer clothes.

I'm also trying to finish our taxes but the tax file from last year is on my folks' computer and when they send it, we can't open it. Will they just look for the info for me? noooooo.

I'm a little frustrated, can you tell?

Candice Gilmer said...

Blog hopping, it's truly a great way to network, I know I've found a lot of very fun and interesting blogs because of it! :)

Boob smashing? Don't even want to think about it.. :::covers chest protectively:::

MaryF said...

Okay, taxes are done, boobs smashed, and both cars are having trouble. ALSO, all the first round editors have rejected Hot Shot. I hate Mondays.

MaryF said...

You know, I'm thinking, I wouldn't know Candice and Dana if not for blogging! Rachel, either. Or Larissa. Cool, huh?


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