Buckling Down

My summer is half over. 5 more weeks to go, and one of those weeks is National. I can't believe it. Last week was just a waste - two days of dr visits, one UTI infection, two days of shopping and one holiday. This week, I just have The Boy's birthday (HOW can he be 15 already??? HOW???)

So I'm buckling down. I'm going to restart Alex's story. Some stuff I'll keep, but some stuff needs more focus. I'm going to have my butt in the chair in the back yard at 9, after I clean up the house and take a walk, which I haven't done in 10 days. I'm NOT going to play Scrabble unless I get 10 pages done. I'm NOT going to blog hop. I want 200 pages of this book done by National. That's 10 pages a day.

Let's see how I do.

Stolen from PlotMonkeys:

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What do you want to get done before National?

Back to the bra issue --- you know, the one with the clear straps. My SIL told me Lane Bryant has them, so I looked. $34. I've never paid that much for a bra. Do you think it's worth it?

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Jill Monroe said...

Mary - I've been watching a lot of "What Not To Wear" and one thing they seem to stress is spending the money and buy fewer more quality items. So I bet it is worth it.

I may go shopping today!

Anonymous said...

$34? If it fits well and is well-made, that sounds reasonable. Is it going to fall apart if you look at it wrong, or is it going to survive a wash or two? Even if it won't last long, if it's what you want for a special night, buy it.

Good luck with the buckling!

Anonymous said...

A good bra is worth the price, Mary :)

Linda Winfree said...

Jill's right, Mary . . . I've found with bras you often get what you pay for -- I spend an ungodly amount for my Victoria's Secret bras, but they're the best ever!

I can commiserate on the summer-half-over thing. I realized last week, I have 4-5 weeks until pre-planning starts and I still have tons left to do on my TTD list.

I'm buckling down with you -- four pages a day (that's my minimum -- won't hurt if I do more, LOL), plus writing classroom units and outlining revisions to an existing work.

Enjoy Nationals!

Colleen Gleason said...

Definitely a good bra is worth the price. The outside is only as good as the foundation, right? Get those boobs perky and you'll look all the more smashing!

And as for what I want to get done before National...besides a myriad of household things (including getting two kids off to Scout camp), I'd really like to finish revising the ending of my Phantom erotica. (Which means writing 20K new words.)

Wish me luck.

Stacy Dawn said...

Can't beat a good bra

Toni Anderson said...

I recently bought 2 new bras for some God awful price because they had no underwire but were still supportive *vbg*

Best buy I ever made. Even when I'm as scruffy as hell, my boobs are perky ;-)

Gotta have perky boobs LOL.

I must write and not blog hop!! I'm going !!

April said...

I have so much to do before nationals! Ack!

Good bras are definately worth the money! I loved Olgas, but the just stopped making them... Argh!

Stephanie said...

I spent $5 on a package of clear bra straps from Wal-Mart and simply attached them to one of my bras. Try it! Although, yes, I do feel a good bra is worth $34.


MJFredrick said...

Okay, Steph, you are my hero! $5 and no guilt! And not nearly as far to drive as Lane Bryant!

I did buy a Victoria's Secret t-shirt bra. It does make a difference!

As for the writing, I am lame. Barely did ANY today. Just coulnd't get into it. BAD BAD Mary.

MJFredrick said...

Oh, meant to say, good luck, Colleen and Linda!

Anonymous said...

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