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Okay, the second half of the season has are you liking the new shows? (SOME SPOILERS AHEAD, if you haven't watched the aired shows)

24 - I loved it last year, and this year is even better. I don't think I breathed during the second night, in the airport! Wow, Jack is back indeed! And he kicked some serious booty on Monday night, too. A good thing to look forward to on Mondays.

American Idol - I started watching a couple of years ago just to see the bad singers. Last year I got hooked by Bo. This year, I agree with what some others have said about them showing TOO many bad singers and not enough of the good singers. I wracked my brain last year trying to remember the auditions of some of the final Idols, but all I remembered was Constantine. How cute was it when Simon called to get that girl her job back after she quit to audition for American Idol? But Wednesday night he was in a mood. Randy's getting mean, too.

Lost - What was UP with Charlie? Dreaming? Visions? Weird. I didn't like that. And where is Sayid? Gotta love Sawyer the matchmaker.

Invasion - intriguing episode, but I figured out what I don't like. The problems are wrapped up at the end of every episode. I'm used to Lost and 24, where the problems are ongoing. These are resolved too fast. And I'm over my crush on Eddie.

I hate that they moved Bones opposite Lost, and I won't be seeing Las Vegas till reruns because Jack's back. I TOLD my dh I wanted a DVR, but "it was too expensive." Sigh.

So what are you watching? And how do you like it?

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Anonymous said...

Surface: Scary, intriguing, and the commercials say all questions will be answered at the end and a new story will start.
Desperate Housewives; Totally disappointing this season
Lost: Not so great after being incredibly awesome
Gray's Anatomy: AMAZING show. I laugh, I cry. I love this show!
New show, Love Monkey. Very cool. Fun. Funny, sweet and character driven. Makes me want to go buy the book.

I can't get a DVR or I'd always be watching TV. I watch too much as it is!

Shesawriter said...

The most recent LOST episode made NO sense to me. In fact, I was feeling very annoyed by the end of it.


Peggy said...

I'm still enjoying Lost but getting more confused with every episode. My youngest dd is so cute. She's a huge fan of Charlie and actually cried when John punched him.

As for Invasion, I liked it better when Muriel's husband (the cop) was the bad guy. And I missed the kiss between her and Eddie! Argh. The only reason I watched.

MJFredrick said...

Mary Beth, did you understand those commercials to mean Surface is done after this season?? I've been watching it, and wonder how it can go on if it reveals its secrets.

I keep hearing good things about Gray's Anatomy.

Tanya, I'm so glad I'm not the only one who was annoyed by that LOST episode! I'd heard, awhile back, that Charlie's character was "safe" from the deaths, etc. Now I'm wondering if that episode is pointing us into the direction why he's safe.

Peggy, I was shocked when John hit him, too. Do you think John is trying to drive a wedge between Claire and Charlie?

The kiss wasn't all that great. And the door with all the padlocks? Right at the bottom of the stairs? Wouldn't Mariel have asked about it BEFORE her kids were kidnapped? And then all that was in it was that little box with the rose? PLEASE.

Rachel Vincent said...

I watch Lost. In fact, that's the only primetime TV I have time to watch.

But I didn't like this week's episode. Fortunately, the previews for what's coming looked good.

Trish Milburn said...

It was a weird LOST episode, but I believe it'll tie in to something else down the road. I still really like Charlie.

On Invasion, I'm pretty sure there were other things in that padlocked room, but they've been taken. I'm wondering if the shooting was a setup, that perhaps Tom knew it was going to happen, knew he'd heal. That's just a wild guess. But I'm wondering that because perhaps whoever shot him cleaned out the closet at Tom's request. Maybe the messed-up deputy?

MJFredrick said...

I think JJ will tie this episode to something down the road, but he's disappointed us, this week is not a new episode (Which means I can watch Bones, but...)

I thought on Invasion it was the deputy, but didn't the guy in the car have two hands? So you think Tom arranged the shooting to win Mariel's loyalty again? Still, you have to wonder at her lack of curiosity over the two padlocks on the door!

Trish said...

Surface to me has been an intriguing ride. I liked it when they first started--first few episodes were really intriguing even though I didn't like the male or female lead characters. Then towards the middle, when the whole thing started looking like some goverment cover up--which has been done to death and felt like a major cop out--I got really disgusted and almost quite watching. But it turned itself around again and has become intriguing once more. So its once again on my gotta watch lineup. I still don't like the male or female leads though, they annoy me to the point I want to smack them--I like the kid's story line much better. And the underlying premise is very intriguing to me.

The episode with Charlie didn't bother me because I'm positive that its leading to something else in a further episode. It felt like the first half to a double feature. I think those dreams were premonitions of danger and he'll end up saving the baby in some future episode. I felt that the reason they had such a relisious undertone was because of how steeped in religion his childhood was.

It was nice, though, to see an episode were Jack didn't sob, or roll his red-weeping eyes. And what's up with Lock? He's always been a favorite of mine, but he's starting to do some worrisome, strange things. And where's Syaid? I miss my Syaid.

On invasion, I totally agree with who ever said the room had been cleaned out. Not sure if Tom did it, or who ever this goverment guy is who is stalking them. On Tom being the good guy-- I actually really like this twist. I think it is much more intriguing and fresh to have the alien hybrid's being *nice* instead of evil. And that includes Tom. In the long run I think this twist will lead to fresher, more imaginative storylines.


Anonymous said...

I watch 24 also. I think they need to get rid of Audrey. Jack needs a kick-butt heroine to be his match, and she just doesn't do it for me. I would loooove to see an Angelina Jolie type of character opposite him!

MJFredrick said...

OH, I know, Audrey is just wimpy. I even like the landlady for him more than Audrey! Kate was cool - I liked Kate.


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