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I'm reading a book recommended by this woman I follow on Twitter. I think she's the funniest person out, and this is the second time I bought a book based on her recommendation. Neither time did I enjoy it. I should know, because it's not a series I usually buy, but like I said, she's someone I admire, so I bought. I'm flipping through the pages looking for "landmarks" because it's set here in San Antonio, but otherwise I could care less.

Jessica Anderson is everywhere right now with her new release in her 2012 series. I think it's an awesome concept and I bought the first book, but it was very dense. I don't like dense books.

I saw blogs about Julie Kenner's new series, and bought the first book, Tainted. It's more urban fantasy. Again, I was drawn in by the concept, but didn't finish the book. It's just not to my taste. Same with Allison Brennan's Original Sin. I may give that one another shot, because I'm only on chapter 2 or something.

I don't NEED book recommendations. I have about 80 books on my phone and another 250 or so paperbacks.

But where do you go for book recommendations? What makes you buy a book? Seeing an author all over the blogosphere? Reading the blurb? The concept? The setting? Recommendations by someone you know? What?



MicheleKS said...

Every now and then I'll see a lot of buzz about a book on blogs and stuff then go out and buy it. For me, this has been a hit/miss kind of thing but it's a way to find out what's out there. But if I hear enough about a book I might pick it up (then see how long it languishes in my TBR pile).

Right now I'm working my way through Roxanne St. Clair's Bullet Catchers series.

Marianne Arkins said...

I almost never BUY a book based on a recommendation (though with my Nook, I admit to doing it more than I used to), but will borrow from the library the first time. If I like what I see, I tend to go out and buy the author's entire backlist (which is a bit costly in some cases -- but I so seldom really REALLY enjoy books anymore, when I find a winner, I'm THRILLED).

Mary Curry said...

That's an interesting/sad comment, Marianne, about not really enjoying books anymore. I think a somewhat similar feeling is what prompted my blog last night. I feel like - in the romance genre anyway - there's such a narrow margin of what is "hot" and not much of it is a anything I want to read - at least not the 25th book in that subgenre.

I rarely go by recommendations either. My DH and I have a standing Saturday "date day" at B&N each week so I just browse to my heart's content. Lately I've been finding my more satisfying reads in genres other than romance.

Trish Milburn said...

I will say that I've found some wonderful books/authors based on recommendations by friends or by other authors I like. For instance, I discovered Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games series based on a comment Stephanie Meyer made on her site.

Kelly Boyce said...

I generally just go to the bookstore and see what catches my eye. Sometimes I'll go by word of mouth if it's someone that knows me well. My critique partner has sent some of my favorite books my way. But usually I ended up stumbling onto them on my own.

MJFredrick said...

See, Michele, that's another series I keep hearing about and wanting to try, but I hesitate to start a new series when I'm behind on so many.

Marianne, I use the library a lot, too. BUT now that I love reading on my phone, well....I tend to return a lot of books unread. Maybe this summer when I read outside. That IS sad that you're not finding books you really enjoy. I try to mix up my genres, and I've found several books so far this year that I really loved.

Mary, what a great standing date!

Trish, I've been hearing a lot about Hunger Games. It's middle grade, right?

Kelly, that's cool, and probably safer than my method. I spend way more time online than in the bookstore.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

It doesn't really matter how a book comes to my attention. It could be someone talking about it, an ad, a newsletter, in the store, a mention in another could be anything. If it sounds like something I'd like, I seek it. If not, I don't.


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