I Have a Confession

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I stopped reading the latest Jennifer Crusie book. I'm about halfway through but just don't care.
She says it's not a romance and she's right. But I'm also not crazy about the workaholic heroine
or the setting or the hero (though he doesn't appear the be the heroine's hero). It hurts that I
spent $10 for it, though.

Not like Dead to the World, which I'm listening to in the car and cannot WAIT to hear what
happens next. What is it about those Sookie Stackhouse books that are so addictive? (Look,
another series I'm hooked on, and on book 5.)

So now I'm reading some samples on my iPhone. Is SOULLESS steampunk?

Today I'm off for Fiesta. First up: finish revisions. Then read Trish's synopsis, work in the yard,
make a skirt, and watch Young Victoria so I can send it back and get Sherlock Holmes next week,
finally. Oh, and watch last night's Craig Ferguson (JDM!) and SPN again because it was great!



Marianne Arkins said...

I got "Wild Ride" from the library because I didn't like "Dogs and Goddesses" either, so wasn't ready to take a chance with my wallet. And, I agree, I didn't like it. I miss the old Jenny Crusie something fierce. What happened?

Yes, "Soulless" is steampunk. Do you like it? I really enjoyed it and have "Changeless" on my TBR.

Have a great weekend!

kris said...

I almost gave up on WILD RIDE, but stuck it out. By the end it got a lot more gripping and I was glad I'd read it. But I felt like it suffered from DON'T LOOK DOWN syndrome: beautifully crafted, but in a grim, "we're going to write an incredible book if it kills us" kind of way.

Anonymous said...

Love Sookie books and I loved Changeless. Didn't like dld but loved agnes.
Mary Beth

Mary Curry said...

I haven't read Sookie yet but I bought her Grave Sight today. Have you read that series yet?

MJFredrick said...

Marianne, I just read the Soulless sample. I'm not a big paranormal fan, so it's on my wishlist, but not at the top.

Mary Beth, I LOVED Agnes and the Hitman, was one of my favorite books. But I didn't finish Dogs and Goddesses and hated Don't Look Down. At least they were romances.

Kris, EXACTLY. Exactly. I may give it another go.

Mary, no, I'd not read any of her books until I saw True Blood. Do her other books have the same level of humor?

Mary Curry said...

I have no idea. This is the first one I'm reading. I'll get back to you on it. :)

Supposedly they're making a TV show or movie out of this series too.

MJFredrick said...

Wow. Must be nice.

I'm listening to the Sookie books, and the narrator is awesome.


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