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I joined Facebook last summer with my pen name, thinking, you know, promotion. I never expected the level of involvement I’d have with it.

My California family is on. I haven’t been in contact with them in years, and now I’m trading weekly (if not daily) updates with my cousin and aunt. The cousin who came to visit last week had just joined Facebook, too, so now we connect.

My mom is on. Yes, she lives 7 minutes away, but we still send each other stuff on Facebook. It’s the ONLY way I see my Texas cousins and my SIL.

Then my school friends started getting on. By the end of last summer, I was excited about going back after keeping up with them the last few weeks. I’ve gotten to know some of them better through Facebook. I also found some teacher friends who have moved on (or stayed behind) to other schools.

Then I went into the past. I friended a girl I went to middle school with, and then another, and then found a fan page for my elementary school. I cannot describe the joy I felt—all the posters were from my time, and we had the same memories and it was wonderful. So I found some high school buddies, and eureka! My bff from high school showed up right at the end of the Christmas break. Oh, I was so happy.

I'm kind of tripping, though, because at least 3 of my HS friends are GRANDMOTHERS. I mean, my mom was a grandmother when she's my age, but it still freaks me out. Also, almost all my friends have been divorced. My 23-year marriage is the exception.

Sometimes it’s a little much—too many people, knowing too much about me. And recently one of my former students, who is in 7th grade, became a fan of my author page. I’m always very cautious about what I post, but GULP! The other night when we were at the movies, I was posting updates and the dh got nervous about people knowing we were away from the house. I never post updates about being home alone, though.

I love posting pictures on Facebook because everyone can see them (okay, my dad doesn't have a page, but my stepmom does). I can also post reviews and such that I want to share. People in my family and from my past may know a little too much about my thing for Sam Worthington, but I'm okay with that.

I make lists, so I can check family, teachers, my past, at a glance.

It’s not my FAVORITE social network—I love Twitter because it’s less of a commitment, honestly—but it’s made me less of a hermit, because I’m interacting online with people I know IRL.

Do you Facebook? Do you love it?



MicheleKS said...

I'm not super-social on Facebook but I do like it. I know if I made more of an effort I could find people but so far, I haven't (deep-seated shyness, I guess).

I confess, my main activity on Facebook is Farmville.

Marianne Arkins said...

I do like Facebook, but have two accounts -- one for my writer-self and one super private VERY restricted account for my family and close friends. I found both my ex-fiances (both married, one has kids) and another ex-serious boyfriend (married with three !! kids).

I think it's fun. But definitely a time suck.

AND, like your DH, I freak about people knowing if I'm around or not, so I never ever post about going somewhere until I'm back. Ever. Yes, I'm paranoid.

Anonymous said...

Yes and yes! However, it's really hurt my productivity, so I cut out games this week. :-)

Karen said...

I watched a news story on GMA last week where a woman posted that she was going to a concert that night and what time she would be there and her house was robbed by a friend of a friend and an old class mate of hers on Facebook that saw the post. She had a cam in her house that was on and it captured the whole thing, they were in and out in 13 minutes. Anyway I'm really cautious now on what I post on there, none that say I'm leaving or anything now. Just wanted to share that with you, I see people post all the time where they are and that they aren't home, not really a good idea I guess.

I like reconnecting with old classmates and long lost family on there. Sometimes it takes up too much of my time though.

MJFredrick said...

I have resisted all the Farmville and Mafia War stuff. I can't afford the time!

Marianne, did you friend your exes?

Mary Beth, I do see your game updates :) But we have to unwind, yes?

Eek, Karen! There's a girl I follow on Twitter who lives in my town. I like to follow her because she lives near where I work and I know the places she's talking about. But she's on Foursquare or whatever, and I know EXACTLY where she is. I know where she lives, where her son goes to school....too much information for someone I've never met!

The classmates thing is the fun part for me right now. I just found someone posted our senior class group picture! And my elementary school has its own page.


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